18 Embarrassing Situations To Avoid


At some point in time, we have all found ourselves in some pretty awkward or embarrassing situations, no matter how hard we strive to avoid them. Some people are just more unlucky than others and find themselves facing an awkward situation more often than most. If you’ve ever felt like you’re alone when something embarrassing happened to you, put that thought out of your mind. Here are 18 embarrassing situations to avoid that these people sadly didn’t.

1. When there is no one willing to catch you during a crowd surf.


This girl clearly took a leap of faith when she jumped out to crowd surf. Sure, she is pretty heavy and maybe these people find it hard to hold her up, but letting her fall on her face would be pretty rude. You definitely wouldn’t want to be in her shoes at this moment in time.


2. Awkward wrestling positions


Here we have some wrestlers just doing what they do best, but they certainly use some interesting moves. You’ve been born once, buddy. No need to try to be born again, at least not in this way!


3. Being unprepared to have your photo taken.


These women are clearly a few sheets to the wind and obviously were not prepared to have their picture taken. One appears to have an odd, heart shaped tan line while the other look drunk, dazed and confused. It seems like it was time to call it a night, there, ladies!