18 Embarrassing Situations To Avoid


At some point in time, we have all found ourselves in some pretty awkward or embarrassing situations, no matter how hard we strive to avoid them. Some people are just more unlucky than others and find themselves facing an awkward situation more often than most. If you’ve ever felt like you’re alone when something embarrassing happened to you, put that thought out of your mind. Here are 18 embarrassing situations to avoid that these people sadly didn’t.

1. When there is no one willing to catch you during a crowd surf.


This girl clearly took a leap of faith when she jumped out to crowd surf. Sure, she is pretty heavy and maybe these people find it hard to hold her up, but letting her fall on her face would be pretty rude. You definitely wouldn’t want to be in her shoes at this moment in time.


2. Awkward wrestling positions


Here we have some wrestlers just doing what they do best, but they certainly use some interesting moves. You’ve been born once, buddy. No need to try to be born again, at least not in this way!


3. Being unprepared to have your photo taken.


These women are clearly a few sheets to the wind and obviously were not prepared to have their picture taken. One appears to have an odd, heart shaped tan line while the other look drunk, dazed and confused. It seems like it was time to call it a night, there, ladies!


4. You know what they say about flies and honey…


Everyone always tells you that you will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Apparently, this woman was just a honey factory that day… or she had an accident. Maybe she forgot to wipe after a trip to the bathroom. Who really knows, but these flies were having a field day.


5. You’re supposed to flush the toilet paper.

Toilet Paper

It’s always wipe, then flush when you use the bathroom. This lady obviously wiped, but didn’t manage to flush the toilet paper and must not have realized that it was still attached to her when she left the bathroom. This had to be embarrassing, but at least people know she cleaned herself, right?

6. Tripping at the Oscars.


No one will ever be able to forget when poor Jennifer Lawrence tripped on stage when she was about to accept her Oscar. Just because she was invincible in the Capitol does not mean she is in real life, by any means.


7. Getting busted for lip syncing.

Saturday Night Live

Another moment we have all had a hard time forgetting was when Ashlee Simpson was performing on SNL and decided it was a good idea to lip sync her performance. Just because you don’t sound as good in real life as you do with autotune on a record doesn’t give you the right to fake it. She got busted!


8. Throwing up on stage.


Justin Bieber usually puts on a good show for his fans, but this is a show no one will ever forget. Justin apparently drank some sour milk before taking the stage to belt out some songs and it hit him at the wrong time. He puked on stage, giving his fans a bit more than what they paid for.

9. Forgetting your lyrics on stage like Axl Rose.


Its always embarrassing when you forget your own lyrics, but when you do it on stage in front of thousands of fans, they’re going to have a memorable time. Axl Rose definitely forgot his and was utterly puzzled when the fans sang his part.


10. Having something stuck in your teeth.


Lets just be real. We have all had something stuck in our teeth at one point in time and not known it. We’ve probably opened up to have a great conversation or flash a toothy grin during this time as well.



11. Falling on stage before your solo.


There is nothing like performing a show during the rain, especially when you have a stage that has inclines that you have to walk down. Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer took a bit of a spill while walking down a ramp on stage and fell flat on his butt right before he had to do a solo. That had to have hurt.

12. Shaving your head in front of the world.


Britney Spears was clearly going through a really tough time when she decided to shave her head. Sadly for her, the whole ordeal was caught on in photos by a paparazzi. That had to make everything so much worse and even more embarrassing.


13. Dropping some protection on the red carpet.

r the lorax arrivals 200212

When Zac Efron attended the premier of The Lorax, he was definitely prepared… in more ways than one. When he was on the red carpet being interviewed, he managed to drop a condom out of his pocket. We wonder what he was prepared for, after all, though it was quite obvious.


14. That moment when your sunless tanner is dripping down your leg.


When Christina Aguilera attended Etta James’ funeral, she looked gorgeous, however, she must have been pretty hot. Her sunless tanner began to drip down her leg with the sweat, making for some definite streaks, and it was all caught on film. Sorry, Christina!


15. Dancing like no one is watching.

Dancing Like

Everyone always tells you to dance like there is no one watching and that is exactly what Demi Moore did. She busted a move at a Chanel party, but everyone else around her looks like they were just trying to have a sit down. Perhaps this dance was fueled by a bit too much to drink?


16. Having your cake… and not being able to move afterwards.

katy p

Katy Perry was supposed to belly flop into a cake, so she was definitely ‘having’ her cake, but she wasn’t able to eat it. In fact, she wasn’t able to do anything afterwards because she was such a sticky mess, so she just stayed, laying on the stage, until she crawled back stage to get cleaned up.



17. Is that a high low dress?

Hi low

Hi Low dresses are all the rage these days, but they’re usually longer in the back and shorter in the front. This girl, however, wasn’t wearing one. She just got her dress caught in the elastic of her panties and we’re wondering how she didn’t notice. This had to be an embarrassing walk down the street.


18. Not going for the kiss.


Some people get really carried away, like this guy who clearly thought he was getting the kiss and closed his eyes far ahead of time. You’re only supposed to do that when your lips touch, buddy. This is just awkward and she wasn’t going to kiss you anyhow.