18 Faces a Hair Stylist Makes


Hair stylists are talented people who will cut, color and of course, style your hair. The more you get done, the more money they make at the end of the service. Hair stylists are people, just like you and I, who have expectations of their clients. You can’t bop around in the chair, you can’t expect to go from black to blonde in one process and you can’t expect them to be your therapist if you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend. A hair stylist can also do more than just hair. She can read your face by the expression you’re making, since it’s probably one she’s been given time and time again, but a hair stylist also has a plethora of faces she will make as well. Here are 18 faces a hair stylist makes that other stylists would definitely recognize.


This is the face of a stylist about to pull her hair out because her client is being difficult. The client comes in, wanting a huge change with her hair, but isn’t willing to cut much off and doesn’t want to get a color. Then what do you expect a stylist to do?




Every hair dresser has those clients that cannot stop moving their head, no matter how many times they are told that they’re going to mess up their cut. They just keep moving it left to right and up and down. This is the face an annoyed stylist makes. Look familiar?