18 Faces a Hair Stylist Makes


Hair stylists are talented people who will cut, color and of course, style your hair. The more you get done, the more money they make at the end of the service. Hair stylists are people, just like you and I, who have expectations of their clients. You can’t bop around in the chair, you can’t expect to go from black to blonde in one process and you can’t expect them to be your therapist if you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend. A hair stylist can also do more than just hair. She can read your face by the expression you’re making, since it’s probably one she’s been given time and time again, but a hair stylist also has a plethora of faces she will make as well. Here are 18 faces a hair stylist makes that other stylists would definitely recognize.


This is the face of a stylist about to pull her hair out because her client is being difficult. The client comes in, wanting a huge change with her hair, but isn’t willing to cut much off and doesn’t want to get a color. Then what do you expect a stylist to do?




Every hair dresser has those clients that cannot stop moving their head, no matter how many times they are told that they’re going to mess up their cut. They just keep moving it left to right and up and down. This is the face an annoyed stylist makes. Look familiar?




Sometimes a stylist will get an extremely difficult client who has them running behind schedule. Then, their next client comes in and has to wait for their appointment. The stress is real and this face clearly shows it.




Some clients like to come in, thinking they clearly know more about doing hair than the actual stylist does and thats just plain annoying. After all, a stylist goes through extensive training to get licensed. If the client knows more, then he or she should stay home and perform their own services. Who has all the power here? This is the face of a stylist who just wants to shave all your hair off.




Every client tries to do their hair at home at least once in their life, using box color that stylists absolutely hate! Then, they come into the salon, expecting the stylist to be able to fix the issue. Here’s the face of a stylist who doesn’t know what she’s going to do to fix the mess.




Stylists also hate it when their clients attempt to bleach their hair at home. They damage it, don’t get it right and the hair winds up orange and brassy. This is the face of a stylist who knows you’re lying about doing your own bleach job.




Some clients come in and expect you to be able to perform miracles, like only giving them three layers in their hair and you know that’s next to impossible. Here is your facial expression.




Stylists always get those clients who are desperate to get their dead ends all cut off, or to get the damaged area of their hair cut off so that it can grow out healthy. Then, they only want to trim half an inch when in reality, it’s going to take a 4 inch trim to get rid of it. Really, people?




Every stylist has tons of clients that love to try and talk to them when they’re blow drying hair. Obviously, with the noise from the dryer, the stylist can’t hear a word the client is saying, so she just smiles and nods her head, enjoying the bliss.




There are always going to be those clients who leave their eyes open when you are washing their hair. We know, that’s just plan creepy. It’s going to be real hard to NOT make this face.




Then you’re going to get those clients who just love having their hair washed so much, they moan. Yeah, they may be few and far between, but there’s still bound to be one in your chair at some point in time and you’ll feel all kinds of awkward.




Some people hate to wear gloves when they’re dying hair for whatever reason. If you’re a stylist, however, you know that you always need to put them on, or else you’re going to look like you just killed someone. This is especially true if you’re dying a client’s hair red.




It’s probably never a good idea for a hair dresser to wear a loose or low cut shirt. You’re probably going to wind up with hair in your bra. Yuck!




Every salon has those annoying clients who repeatedly book appointments and then either do not show up or call last minute to reschedule. After the second time, it’s really time to just dismiss that person as a client. You’ll feel so good, especially when you’re time isn’t wasted.



You’ll always get those clients who come in with ridiculous ideas, like going from dyed black hair to platinum blonde in just one appointment. You know it’s not going to happen, realistically, they know it’s not going to happen and it’s just a stupid idea. Like, hahaha. No.




Ever get a hair splinter? They’re pretty painful and if you get one when you’re working on someone’s hair and you can’t remove it, it’s even worse. Hold back those tears, girl.




The client comes in and has their hair done, but then is shocked at the price they have to pay. You’re not paying for box color, sweetie. Besides, you’re so fabulous, you can charge whatever you want.




Finally, you will always have clients who come into get their hair done, but want to act like you’re getting paid to be their therapist. Blah, blah, blab. I didn’t go to school for this.