18 Fears That We All Have At Least Once In Our Life


Everyone has felt afraid of something at least once in their life. It doesn’t make a difference whether you’re young or old, a man or a woman, or anything, really. The fact is, we all have something that we fear. It could be a silly fear, like a fear of the dark, or perhaps a more well-known one like a fear of spiders and/or cockroaches. We have come up with a special selection of 18 fears that we all have at least once in life. Are you ready?! We’d love to know your deepest fears, no matter how bizarre they may be! Let us know what they are in the comments section below.

#1 Fear Of The Dark

This one is a classic, and probably the most common fear amongst us silly humans. Everyone has felt afraid of the dark at least once in their life, particularly at a young age.


#2 Fear Of Leaving The Bed To Turn On The Light

This is another very common fear that comes right after your fear of the dark. It’s when you think about getting out of bed to turn on the light, but that niggling feeling that something will grab you just stops you from doing so.


#3 Sleeping With Your Back To The Door

A lot of children all over the world get very scared when they sleep with their back to the door, which is exactly why they prefer the door to be closed. For some reason, many kids have a fear that they’ll see a mysterious creature watching them from the doorway, illuminated by the light in the hall. What about you guys?


#4 Sleeping With Your Feet Out Of The Bed

This fear is very common, not only for children, but for adults too. Come on, let’s face it – we all get a bit creeped out when our feet are poking outside the bed covers… right?! We’re scared that some kind of weird creature will grab our feet while we’re sleeping.


#5 Waking Up In The Night To Get Water

How many kids and adults will sleep thirsty because they aren’t brave enough to go to the kitchen and grab a glass of water?!


#6 Corridors

If you live in a fairly big and old house, you’ve probably felt this fear before. You’ll know you have it when you physically can’t walk through a corridor at night without being scared. This is even worse when one of the light bulbs is flashing eerily.


#7 Weird Toys

There’s so many toys in the world that are so scary, we can’t even look at them. Take old clown ornaments and dolls with murderous eyes, for example… we’ve probably all had at least one toy that we’ve been completely terrified of.


#8 Strange Noises At Night

Another common fear for people who live in fairly big houses (and those who don’t) is hearing a series of weird noises when the time to go to sleep arrives. It always makes you feel like something seriously freaky is about to happen.


#9 Looking Out The Window At Night

Can you wake up in the middle of the night and feel too afraid to stare out of your window for more than a few seconds, in the fear that something will creep up behind you, or you’ll see a weird face outside? Us, too.


#10 Mirrors

It’s always hard to face the mirror in the middle of the night without thinking that some weird creature is going to sneak up behind us while we brush our teeth.


#11 Scary Clowns

Because some clowns just aren’t funny at all.


#12 Cemetery

Anyone reading this article feel brave enough to spend an entire night trudging through a cemetery, in the dark, alone? Somehow, we don’t think so…


#13 Dark Alley

Every city has strange little alleys that are scary to walk through at night. It always seems like some maniac or serial killer is just waiting around the corner for us…


#14 Horror Movies Based On True Events

Who’s ever rented a horror movie to watch on a Saturday night, only to regret it completely when the words “Based on True Events” appear at the beginning?! Thanks, but no thanks.


#15 Talking To Spirits

For those of you reading who have used Ouija boards in the past, you’ll probably know how creepy it is when you ask if there’s any spirits present, and the answer is “yes”. RUN!


#16 Long Staircases

Do you think you’re brave enough to use the stairs in the middle of the night, in a place like the one below?! We think it’s better to take the elevator.


#17 Cockroaches

This is the most common fear of humanity, after the fear of the dark, of course, especially if you’re a woman. We just can’t stand the thought of a cockroach sharing the same space as us, period.


#18 Spiders

Sorry, Spider-Man, but more than half the population of the entire world has an intense fear of spiders… especially those God-awful gigantic and hairy tarantulas.