18 Fears That We All Have At Least Once In Our Life


Everyone has felt afraid of something at least once in their life. It doesn’t make a difference whether you’re young or old, a man or a woman, or anything, really. The fact is, we all have something that we fear. It could be a silly fear, like a fear of the dark, or perhaps a more well-known one like a fear of spiders and/or cockroaches. We have come up with a special selection of 18 fears that we all have at least once in life. Are you ready?! We’d love to know your deepest fears, no matter how bizarre they may be! Let us know what they are in the comments section below.

#1 Fear Of The Dark

This one is a classic, and probably the most common fear amongst us silly humans. Everyone has felt afraid of the dark at least once in their life, particularly at a young age.