The 18 Footballers Who Should Of Been Hollywood Actors


Football is a world passion. The most famous and practised sport in the whole world becomes more and more popular each year among adults and kids from all over the world. Football is all about goals, whether they’re beautiful or simple. But sometimes, football can give us some hilarious moments, and that’s exactly what we’re planning to show you guys now. Here’s the 18 best GIFs of the most hilariously bizarre cheater football players in the world. We can’t help but wonder what they’re doing playing football, when they could be up there on the stage winning Oscar after Oscar. Hollywood needs them! Hope you guys enjoy.

#1 Should I Stop?!

Here’s a classic example of a cheater. We can all agree that the hand to the face wasn’t right, but behaving like you’ve been shot in the head was a little exaggerated, wasn’t it? The way he peeps through his hand gives his nasty intentions away completely.