The 18 Footballers Who Should Of Been Hollywood Actors


Football is a world passion. The most famous and practised sport in the whole world becomes more and more popular each year among adults and kids from all over the world. Football is all about goals, whether they’re beautiful or simple. But sometimes, football can give us some hilarious moments, and that’s exactly what we’re planning to show you guys now. Here’s the 18 best GIFs of the most hilariously bizarre cheater football players in the world. We can’t help but wonder what they’re doing playing football, when they could be up there on the stage winning Oscar after Oscar. Hollywood needs them! Hope you guys enjoy.

#1 Should I Stop?!

Here’s a classic example of a cheater. We can all agree that the hand to the face wasn’t right, but behaving like you’ve been shot in the head was a little exaggerated, wasn’t it? The way he peeps through his hand gives his nasty intentions away completely.


#2 The Big Cheater

Okay, we know every team player wants to win the football game, no matter what it takes… but grabbing the arm of the opposition and hitting yourself in the face with it takes it a little too far, don’t you think? Not only is it ridiculously unfair, but it’s pretty stupid, too.


#3 The Porcelain Ear

If you really want to know how actors can win an Oscar easily, this is the perfect example. This player knows exactly how to create a perfectly dramatic situation. That, or his ear’s made of porcelain, and his pain is genuine.


#4 Crazy B*stard

Check out this hilariously bizarre reaction of the player below. We still don’t really know what he was trying to achieve with this – to send the player off, or the referee? We’ll probably never know. Perhaps the referee will need to perform a pitch exorcism.


#5 Love Is Pain

Love is beautiful, but sometimes it can be pretty hard and painful. That’s exactly the case of the manager and player below, who started getting a little ‘closer’, but both ended up on the ground. After all, when love is fresh, any wrong word can be the end of the relationship.


#6 The Scream

Looks like we found a real X-man, disguised as a football player. Note how his powerful scream knocks the opposing player down in just a second or two. Ah, the mysteries of football…


#7 Dive In

Fernando Torres isn’t exactly in the best phase he’s ever been, and the Spanish team isn’t as good as it used to be. So, how to create a distraction when the other team is about to score? Here’s the answer – dive in…


#8 The Bizarre Simulation

We’re still desperately trying to figure out if this weirdo footballer was trying to simulate a fault by the other player, or if he really has a serious mental disorder. This scene is completely bizarre!


#9 The Big Star

Cristiano Ronaldo is actually the best football player in the world, and take a guess why. He knows not only how to score a good goal, but his acting skills are also pretty dead on. The perfect player!


#10 Brutal Attack

Look at this scenario for yourselves and make your own conclusions. Do you think this player used too much force on the opposition, or is he just a really good actor, like Mr Ronaldo? Sorry, but we figured this one out the first time we watched it.


#11 Headache Crisis

Here’s another bad case of a headache crisis. Gosh, it really is true… footballers should get their health checked more often! This amount of headaches just isn’t normal.


#12 Please, No!

What’s with all this drama and sudden movement? We know the players don’t like to lose control of the ball, but he doesn’t need to react so badly about it. Someone needs to go to him and comfort his poor soul!


#13 High Winds

This player below did everything right – he got the adversary on the ground with his amazing skill, but forgot about the terrible wind, and couldn’t go on any longer.


#14 Oops!

This is a pretty unfair movement to make with the opposition. Come on, what’s with all the big drama? He’s acting like he lost a leg or something.


#15 Earthquake

Here’s another X-Man disguised amongst us humans as a footballer. He just stepped on the opposition’s foot a little, but it was enough to create an earthquake in the stadium, and shatter the opponent’s foot. Imagine what he can do with a punch!


#16 Horse Kicking

The only sensible explanation for this bizarre scene below is that this stupid player stopped the game to try and imitate a horse imitates a horse giving some kicks back, but why?!


#17 And The Oscar Goes To…

This amazing footballer is great at playing the role of someone who has been hit by some invisible force. Perhaps he should give up football, and head to a few movie auditions instead. Well done! The Oscar is yours!


#18 More Than You Can See

Sometimes, footballers are victims of strange paranormal forces that act without the fans or referee seeing them. Here’s the first video of the famous Brazilian player Neymar suffering a painful blow, and the second video is what really happened. Scary stuff!