18 Hilarious Animals That Absolutely Will Not Be Hugged


Let’s face it, folks – is there anything better in the world than giving a big hug to an adorable cat or dog?! We don’t think so. That’s why having a pet in our home is awesome. Pets are great at relieving our daily-life stress, and giving us love whenever we need it. But, have you ever wondered if they even enjoy our constant affection?! Maybe your pet does, but these ones that we’re about to show you most certainly do not. Check out our hilarious selection of 18 animals who absolutely will not be hugged. Enjoy!

#1 Real Life Elmyra

This hilarious picture reminds us of that funny Tiny Toon character, Elmyra Duff, a little girl who loves to hug cute creatures. Can you guys remember her?!


#2 Let Me Go!

Here’s another very unlucky cat who has to share some pretty tight hugs with a little girl who’s obsessed with cuddles. It’s pretty clear that he’s desperate to be alone right now.


#3 The Big Hug

Just look at the face of this terrified cat and ask yourself if you genuinely believe he’s enjoying this hug. Clearly, he isn’t, but we can’t say the same about his owner. She’s obviously loving it.


#4 Panic!

Yep, folks, as we can see by the cat’s facial expression of pure terror, the fact is, if he had a panic button… he would definitely press it. We hope these two ginger cats survived their terrible ordeal.


#5 Come To Mama!

Well, it’s not difficult to predict that this poor black cat is not enjoying the presence of his ‘human mom’ and to be honest with you, we can understand why. Just look at the creepy look she’s giving him! RUN, CAT, RUN!


#6 Desperate Little Goat

Baby goats are one of the cutest animals ever, but it’s definitely not easy to keep them as pets. They’re actually very shy animals, and prefer big fields to enclosed spaces. They certainly don’t like to be hugged.


#7 Little Elmyra Pt. II

Here’s another good example to relate to the character Elmyra from Tiny Toon, who can’t get enough of hugging terrified animals. Just note this little girl’s weird facial expression as she carries her cat to the door. He definitely knows something bad is going to happen.


#8 Noooooooooooo!

This hilarious reaction below says it all. The little mouse (or whatever the creature is) simply doesn’t want to be touched by a human, end of story. The way he does the cute ‘jazz hands’ movement is so adorable.


#9 Why So Serious?!

Smile! Even if you don’t want to. That’s the lesson this poor cat is learning right now, anyway. After all, why so serious?! Let’s put a smile on this furry little face!


#10 The Baby Tiger

Baby tigers aren’t exactly the perfect pets to have at home, but we confess that it would be pretty hard to resist hugging them all the time. However, it seems that they’re not exactly big fans of cuddles, judging by the picture below.


#11 Just Put Me On The Ground, Already

This angry turtle will not ask twice, so please put her on  the ground right now, or she’ll turn into an angry Pokemon and kill you. That’s exactly what these big eyes are saying…


#12 Static Grey Cat

We don’t know for sure if this grey cat is enjoying this big hug or not, but when we analyzed the big, scared eyes, we came to the conclusion that perhaps things aren’t as perfect as they seem.


#13 The Eager-For-Escape Hedgehog

Okay, so how cute is this hedgehog below?! It’s no wonder that whoever took this video just wanted to hold and stroke him. However, no matter what, this little fella is ready to escape, right about now. “Get me out of here!”


#14 Awkward Moment

At first glance, it might seem like this fluffy cat is enjoying all the cuddles and attention, but his wide eyes suggest otherwise. In fact, he’s probably feeling pretty damn awkward right now.


#15 The Angry Little Kitty

And how about this teeny-tiny little kitty? His owner is smiling away, completely unaware that her adorable pet is about to bite her entire face off out of sheer anger. Meowww!


#16 Sad Look

Even though dogs have a reputation of being the most loyal, kind and loving animals on the planet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to be cuddled, constantly. Albert (the dog in the picture) is getting rather tired of the endless hugs from his owner, and has come to the conclusion that he needs some space.


#17 Set Me Free!

In all honesty, we’re pretty jealous of the girl in the picture… because she actually got to hold a baby goat. That’s something we’d all love to do, right?! But, the little creature is having none of it whatsoever, and wants to be set free into the endless green fields, where he can run and play and not be molested by annoying humans.


#18 Friends Forever

Clearly, it’s not only us humans who love sharing big cuddles with these adorable animals. Sometimes, the folks from the animal kingdom like sharing a big hug, too. However, it seems like the dog is pretty uncomfortable with the situation below. Oops!