18 Hilarious And Creative Adverts In Elevators Around The World


Adverts are always present in our daily life: on the way to school, work or home in the buses and subway stations, in the magazines and newspapers we read throughout the day, and then on TV when we finally arrive home. They are there to make our brains register their presence, even when we’re not focusing on them directly. Yes, they’re just like subliminal messages, really. And sometimes, advertisements are placed in such strange and unlikely places that we can’t help but notice them and take in the message they’re trying to give us. Here’s a special selection of the best 18 creative and interactive adverts, placed in elevators around the world. Up we go!

#1 Becel

Becel is a brand of butter that focuses their advertisements towards a healthy audience by claiming that their product is made from certain proteins that help the heart. Not only this, but it’s also salt-free. Thinking about this, they decided to create this awesome ad on an elevator door that shows a stairway when it opens up, prompting people to use the stairs instead. Clever, right?