18 Hilarious And Creative Adverts In Elevators Around The World


Adverts are always present in our daily life: on the way to school, work or home in the buses and subway stations, in the magazines and newspapers we read throughout the day, and then on TV when we finally arrive home. They are there to make our brains register their presence, even when we’re not focusing on them directly. Yes, they’re just like subliminal messages, really. And sometimes, advertisements are placed in such strange and unlikely places that we can’t help but notice them and take in the message they’re trying to give us. Here’s a special selection of the best 18 creative and interactive adverts, placed in elevators around the world. Up we go!

#1 Becel

Becel is a brand of butter that focuses their advertisements towards a healthy audience by claiming that their product is made from certain proteins that help the heart. Not only this, but it’s also salt-free. Thinking about this, they decided to create this awesome ad on an elevator door that shows a stairway when it opens up, prompting people to use the stairs instead. Clever, right?


#2 Superman

Superman is one of the most famous super-heroes in the world, and almost everyone knows Clark Kent’s infamous gesture in which he opens up his shirt and becomes his alter-ego, Superman. A clever advertising agency remembered this, too, and came up with this effective ad on an elevator door below.


#3 Knife Advertisement

Here’s another creative and intelligent way to use the movement of elevator doors to advertise a product. The one below was created for a brand specializing in kitchen knives, and attempts to show just how good their knives are, by cutting a lobster in half. We like it!


#4 Volkswagen

This clever advertisement was created for the car manufacturer Volkswagen, to stress the importance of using sensors when driving as a way to not get too close and collide into another car. They’re spreading an important message in a subtle way, and we really love that.


#5 Inside Your Body

Just like the one above, many advertising agencies work hard to come up with new ideas that will get the message across to our sub-conscious in creative and funny ways. The one below interacts with the public by showing us what our body looks like from the inside, baring all when the elevator doors open.


#6 Gym Advertisement

Here’s another very intelligent ad that was created specifically for a gym company. The way the doors open to reveal the muscular guy give the public the idea that we need to keep fit, and therefore, join the gym.


#7 Scared Of Losing Your Hair?

This company below, who specialize in the creation of hair products for bald people, found a hilarious and smart solution to introduce their new product to their clients. It’s definitely one to get you worrying about the future, right?!


#8 Political Advert

This political advert against Guantanamo Prison in the USA has a very serious and important message that it wants to get across to the public. And what better way to do so than to plaster it all over an elevator door for the world to see? The advert is positioned on the inside and outside of the doors. Interesting.


#9 Save The Forest

Here’s yet another creative ad that uses the ‘elevator method’ to alert the public about serious problems in the world. When the elevator doors open, we can see the de-forestation, and ultimately, the difference to the pretty picture of greenery on the outside of the elevator.


#10 McDonalds

McDonalds is undoubtedly the most popular fast food brand in the world – their infamous “M” symbol is recognized all over the world. One of the primary reasons why is because they’re so damn clever when it comes to advertising, making millions of people see McDonalds as part of their day-to-day life. Check this one out!



#11 Juice Advert

This company found an awesome way to introduce their new juice to the public. They placed an image of a piece of fruit on the outside, and when the elevator doors open, it’s replaced by a glass of juice. It’s definitely a great way to show off the fact that your product is healthy and nutritious!


#12 Oreo Advertisement

This wise advertisement is using the elevator to interact with the public in a different way to the others. When the elevator is travelling to the ground floor, the Oreo is being brought closer and closer to the glass of milk at the bottom. After all, an Oreo is nothing if you can’t dunk it in milk!


#13 Car Advertisement

Here’s a genius car advertisement that gives people the impression of actually being inside the car when they step into the elevator. And who knows? Perhaps some folks will enjoy the experience so much that they’ll go out and buy the car the very next day. We’re guessing this is exactly what they were aiming for.


#14 Achilles

…Yet another company that knew exactly how to interact with the public to promote their product. They placed an image of one of their forklifts on the ground floor, so that whilst the elevator is going up, it looks like it’s the forklift that’s making it happen.


#15 Science World

This one’s really cool! The advertising team from a science magazine decided to place this scale inside the elevator, to prove to people that they weigh less on the way down because of gravity. Amazing!


#16 Resident Evil

This interactive advert below was used to promote the new Resident Evil movie, creating a scary atmosphere while you’re waiting for the elevator, and revealing the reason why when the doors open up.


#17 Knife Advertisement No.2

This knife elevator advertisement is a little creepier than the first, giving people the crazy sensation that the people standing inside the elevator are getting chopped up by the two knives when the doors close. Crazy! Well, we guess it brings recognition to the product, right?


#18 LG

This is probably the most creative and interactive advert ever, created to promote the new HD LG televisions. They inserted a fake floor into the elevator made from their new television, which shows a realistic scene of the floor underneath them falling. Scary!