The 18 Most Hilarious And Creative Ways To Announce A Pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the biggest things that can happen in the life of a couple, so after the total shock of finding out the huge news has subsided, it’s always a good idea to find a creative way to announce it to family and friends. Here’s a selection of the 18 most creative and funny ways that some couples have used to give their pregnancy news to the world. We sincerely hope you enjoy.

#1 Player Two

We don’t need to say that this couple is probably the gamer type, and because of this, they took their pregnancy announcement to an entirely new level. They’ve got their player one already, and now it’s time for the second to hop in and join the game.


#2 Ice, Ice, Baby

The infamous Vanilla Ice song was the inspiration for this creative pregnancy announcement, and you know what? It’s totally awesome. Looks like another creative human being will be coming into the world very soon!


#3 The Little Bike

The greenery and nature around them, the loving feeling between them, and a baby inside her, is the message that this lovely young couple are sharing with their friends and family here. This is an adorable pregnancy announcement, and we love it.


#4 Another Player

Here’s another gamer couple who just couldn’t resist incorporating their favourite hobby into their pregnancy announcement. And, we have to admit that the end result was incredible, and very creative. What do you guys think?


#5 It’s Not Easy

Everyone knows how difficult raising a child can be – for most parents, it’s always a challenge with lots of new things to learn. This couple below realized this early, and came up with this hilarious way to make their important announcement. Being a mom or dad isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible, either. You can do it!


#6 New Feet

How amazing is this one?! We love the way they’ve created a simple yet funny pregnancy announcement picture, even including their dog’s feet, and a new pair of teeny tiny little shoes. It’s obvious these two will make brilliant parents.


#7 Step By Step

This photographer came up with an awesome and creative concept to document not only the pregnancy announcement, but also the months leading up to the birth of the baby, and even after it was born. What an excellent idea.


#8 Men Vs. Women

Despite the love between them, men and women are entirely different species to one another, with separate tastes, habits, and hobbies. So, considering this, the couple below decided to take a humorous approach to these differences, and announce their pregnancy like this…


#9 The Math

It’s not everyone in the world who loves maths and understands it well, but the simple calculation below isn’t so difficult to figure out. Not only that, but it’s another awesome way to make a pregnancy announcement.


#10 Not Again!

Yep, after having three children, your life will have definitely changed forever. If you have any doubt about this, just look at the couple below trying to smile while their daughters cry uncontrollably. Can you imagine them having another baby? Good luck, folks! Let’s hope it’s a boy this time…


#11 1+2=3

Here’s one more couple who decided to incorporate numbers and calculations into their picture, to explain to everyone what’s happening in their lives. Beautiful picture!


#12 Coming Soon

This funny couple decided to make their announcement based on a movie created by them with the name “Parenthood”. We can’t wait to go to the premiere – we can guarantee it’ll be full of emotional crying scenes.


#13 Past And Future

Here’s another fun couple who found a good way to announce their pregnancy to those who didn’t already know about the situation, giving three funny reasons for each of their big bellies. The only bad part is that this guy will probably have trouble getting rid of that beer belly.


#14 Scary News

When we first find out about a pregnancy, the first reaction is usually one of shock, and a little bit of fear. This is totally normal – after all, nobody feels comfortable with change when it first comes about. Considering this point of view, the couple below waited until Halloween to create this awesome announcement which featured a pumpkin.


#15 Twins?!

Yep, this couple is a great example of a pregnancy announcement being pretty damn scary. Imagine your fear when you expect one being instantly doubled when you find out you’re actually expecting two. Just be prepared to get significantly less sleep in the coming years, folks…


#16 A New Partner

It’s true, every super hero needs a partner. This couple knew that all too well, and decided to announce their pregnancy like this. Looks like the big brother can’t wait to meet his little sidekick.


#17 New Vision

This spectacle-wearing couple came up with this simple yet poetic way to announce their pregnancy, by adding a tiny pair of glasses to the line. It’s time to look towards the future now, folks!


#18 New Days Ahead

When we’re on the topic of babies, there’s nothing more discreet and symbolic than a baby diaper pin, right? That’s why this creative couple, who already have two children, came up with this fantastic way to tell the world they’re expecting another. We love this.