18 Hilarious Kids Who Failed Miserably At Trying To Be Adults


It’s a eternal paradox in life – kids trying to be adults and adults trying to be kids. When we are young, all we want to do is grow up fast, get our driving license, go to parties, and live without any boundaries. But, as soon as we grow up, we come to the realization that being an adult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. All we want is to go back to those golden years of our childhood where everything was ‘easy’. Here’s a special selection of 18 hilarious kids who failed miserably at trying to be adults. Enjoy!

#1 The Make Up Girl

This cute little girl can’t wait to become an adult just like her mom and start using make up. But, while this time doesn’t come, she is using make up in a very ‘eccentric’ way. All those make up tutorials on YouTube, for absolutely nothing.


#2 The Independent Little Dude

This boy can’t wait for the day that he can become independent and pour his own juice like everyone else. But, while this day doesn’t come, he keeps failing miserably like in the scene below. Well, at least a little bit of the juice went inside his cup, right?!


#3 The Little Fireman

This young kid was participating in special fireman training when he simply decided to do this. Yep, he clearly needs to grow up to learn some more skills.


#4 Love, Love, Love

Some say that love is a thing for adults, and they are right. Check out what happened to this poor little boy when he decided to give all his love to this charming girl below. Not today!


#5 The Tattooist

This lovely girl has a dream to become a famous tattooist one day, which is exactly why she’s practising young. But, something tells us she should focus on something else for the next few years until she’s a teenager. Poor Dad!


#6 Driving License

Every single boy in this world wants to grow up fast to get his driving licence and start showing off to the chicks, but as we can see below, the laws are right about the age. Wait until you’re 16, kid.


#7 Young Minds

This is precisely why kids have to grow up before they can do anything by themselves. As we can see below, the brain of a baby isn’t exactly the wisest in the world. So adorable!


#8 Walkies

All this little girl wants is to take her big companion on walkies around the neighbourhood… but something just doesn’t feel right here.


#9 Using The Toilet

We are always starving for independence since our early age, and one of the primary symbols of independence is using the toilet all by ourselves. But, as this baby is proving to us, it’s obviously not a very easy task.


#10 Being A Hairdresser

Since their first steps, every little girl dreams of the day that they can be free to use make up, dress as they want, and do their own hair. But sometimes, they just don’t wait for the right time, and figure they can start young. Until they’re at least 15, just do us a favour and hide the scissors.


#11 Being A Hard Worker

Every man needs to work hard, and some of them are born with this desire in their DNA. The problem is, it’s not always easy to be such a hard worker, and it takes a lot of time to get it right.


#12 Practicing Sports

When they have a son, it’s every father’s dream to train them up to be a talented sportsman. But, it takes a long time to learn all the right skills, and sometimes, their tiny bodies just aren’t up to the task.


#13 First Bath

For all the kids who have big baths inside their homes, they’ll know all too well that bath time means fun time, right? But, when you leave your kids alone for just a few minutes, the result could be a little something like this…


#14 Brushing Teeth

Another big goal for every kid is starting to brush their teeth alone. Usually, it involves trying to eat as much of the toothpaste as they possibly can.


#15 Reading Stories Alone

Every night it’s the same situation: kids waiting for their parents to come to their bedrooms, sit on their bed, and read them a lovely little story. After all, it looks a little something like this when they attempt to read alone…


#16 Helping Parents With The Shopping

When the parents come home after a big shopping session at the supermarket, some little kids just want to help them carry the bags into the house so they can eat the cookies they’ve been craving. Clearly, this little kid got pretty desperate.


#17 Helping With The Washing Up

Some helpful children like helping their busy moms to do the chores at home, but it’s just not a good idea sometimes. For kids, everything is always that little bit more complex.


#18 Being A Photographer

The dream of this little girl below was to become a professional photographer, but her dad probably regrets his decision to help her achieve her dreams. This is what happened to his beloved, expensive camera. Oops!