18 Hilarious People Who Just Can’t Believe It’s Monday


Monday is undoubtedly the most polemic day of the week. It is hated by the party people of the weekend, but loved by the spiritualists who see Monday as the chance to begin a fresh start. But, truth be told, most people generally despise it when they have to wake up early on a Monday morning, especially after a great weekend. And, thinking about the poor souls who have to do this, we dedicated this article to you, simply to show you that you are not alone! Here is a selection of the most hilarious people who just can’t believe it’s Monday. Enjoy.

#1 School Time

There’s nothing worse than waking up early on a Monday morning to go to school and taking a boring class of Chemistry or Math that will really make you struggle to stay awake. Sometimes, you lose that battle, and something like this happens…


#2 Sleeping Techniques

Some people hate Mondays so much that they decided to invent some bizarre techniques to help them sleep at work. Take a look at this creative guy below…


#3 Monday Problems

Here’s a poor guy who lost the battle against his energy and fell asleep at school, in the middle of class. However, this scene below will probably teach him that doing so will only make things ten times worse. Right, teacher?!


#4 Falling Asleep

We all know that Walmart is full of strange people, but some of these peoples go beyond the limits, just like this fella below, who clearly can’t get through his Monday morning grocery shop without a quick nap.


#5 Low Traffic

We don’t know if there are any actual statistics to prove this, but Monday is probably the worst day to be stuck in traffic, especially because people are always driving in slow-motion, ready to fall asleep at any given moment.


#6 Someone Bring A Coffee Here

How bad would it be to fall asleep like in the situation below?! He was just checking the prices of the items he needed, and suddenly, boom! Monday morning strikes again, and this time, it’s with a vengeance.


#7 I Give Up!

…Is exactly what this poor dude was thinking before he stopped caring about everyone around him, and simply fell asleep in the middle of the room. We just hope he survived the fall!


#8 Monday Animals

It’s not only humans who can’t handle the cruel Mondays – some animals also suffer with this. Just look at this poor little kitten who fell asleep in the middle of drinking water. Thank God his owner was there to save his tiny life! Awww.


#9 The Big Fall

A great tip for every Monday morning if to always check you’re in a safe place and seated comfortably, just in case you end up falling asleep. Otherwise, you might just wake up with some pretty bad body aches…


#10 Always Prepared

This is what we’re talking about! This tired fella below knows how to face a hard Monday morning and prepared himself so he didn’t wake up with a terrible pain in his spine. Well done, lazy dude!


#11 The Trap

Here’s a good example of what you shouldn’t do on a daunting Monday morning. Firstly, because it doesn’t exactly look like the most comfortable sleeping position in the world, and secondly, because he might never wake up again from this nightmarish Monday.


#12 Sweet Dreams

This is precisely why Monday is so cruel sometimes. You are feeling so tired and sleepy that suddenly, you stop caring about everything and consider taking a nap. Like we said before, that’s when all the problems start!


#13 The Reunion

This is what happens when that ‘interesting’ conference or lecture is held on a Monday morning after that big party with your colleagues the night before. Monday morning is just never a good time for anything at all.


#14 Stay Strong

It’s not easy, but you really need to fight hard to stay awake on a Monday morning. Otherwise, your work colleagues might walk into the toilet and come face-to-face with this odd and disturbing scene.


#15 Train To Paradise

Life is what you make it, right?! You might be on your way to work, and decide to take a quick nap on the journey. And, like this guy below, you might just be transported into the magical world of dreams, and your Monday morning automatically becomes a little bit better.


#16 Always Alert

This old guard found a simple and creative way to stay alert at all times, even while he takes a nap. Note that the cut-out security guard is carrying a shot gun – and even better, he practically looks like a real person standing there. Awesome!


#17 Partners In Crime

We don’t know for sure, but we have a great suspicion that these three were together the night before, doing God knows what. Monday is notorious for having millions of victims all around the world, and unfortunately, it was their time.


#18 Poor Animal

Just look at this poor little cat below, experiencing a terribly tiring Monday morning. After a full weekend of jumping around and exploring the backyard, this kitty eventually got defeated.