18 Hilarious People Who Just Can’t Believe It’s Monday


Monday is undoubtedly the most polemic day of the week. It is hated by the party people of the weekend, but loved by the spiritualists who see Monday as the chance to begin a fresh start. But, truth be told, most people generally despise it when they have to wake up early on a Monday morning, especially after a great weekend. And, thinking about the poor souls who have to do this, we dedicated this article to you, simply to show you that you are not alone! Here is a selection of the most hilarious people who just can’t believe it’s Monday. Enjoy.

#1 School Time

There’s nothing worse than waking up early on a Monday morning to go to school and taking a boring class of Chemistry or Math that will really make you struggle to stay awake. Sometimes, you lose that battle, and something like this happens…