18 Hilarious Pictures Of Terrified Pets Visiting The Vets Office


Us humans don’t exactly like to visit the doctor’s office, but thanks to our rational sense of logic, we know it’s for our own good, no matter how much we hate the whole thing. However, with our lovely pets, the situation works a little differently. Firstly, they don’t know they’re going until they set their eyes upon the dreaded carry case. Secondly, they don’t know what a vet is and what they want from them. Thirdly, they like to make this pretty obvious during their visit to the vet, sometimes causing as much fuss as they possibly can. Pets in their old age, or downright clumsy ones, for that matter, can still remember the trauma of their first visit, and whenever they have to go back there, their behaviour is, uh, not always the best. Here’s a hilarious selection of 18 animals who sh*t their pants (not that they wear any…) every time they have to go. Trust us, you’ll laugh.

#1 Anywhere To Hide

How funny is it to see this frightened cat’s extreme reaction after being taken to the vets? He hates it so much that anywhere is better than that dreaded silver table, even a trash can. Pete’s become the master of finding secret places and dark holes to use as an escape during each visit. Meow!