18 Hilarious Pictures Of Terrified Pets Visiting The Vets Office


Us humans don’t exactly like to visit the doctor’s office, but thanks to our rational sense of logic, we know it’s for our own good, no matter how much we hate the whole thing. However, with our lovely pets, the situation works a little differently. Firstly, they don’t know they’re going until they set their eyes upon the dreaded carry case. Secondly, they don’t know what a vet is and what they want from them. Thirdly, they like to make this pretty obvious during their visit to the vet, sometimes causing as much fuss as they possibly can. Pets in their old age, or downright clumsy ones, for that matter, can still remember the trauma of their first visit, and whenever they have to go back there, their behaviour is, uh, not always the best. Here’s a hilarious selection of 18 animals who sh*t their pants (not that they wear any…) every time they have to go. Trust us, you’ll laugh.

#1 Anywhere To Hide

How funny is it to see this frightened cat’s extreme reaction after being taken to the vets? He hates it so much that anywhere is better than that dreaded silver table, even a trash can. Pete’s become the master of finding secret places and dark holes to use as an escape during each visit. Meow!


#2 Sad Eyes

How can we not feel sorry for this poor fella when we see these sad eyes? We know how you feel, bro… we feel exactly the same when we go to the dentist’s office. It’ll all be over soon.


#3 Free Hugs

This big guy doesn’t feel ashamed entering the vets like this, being held tightly by his ever-loving owner. This dog hug and his sad, scared face shows us all just how frightened he is to visit the vet.


#4 Help Me, Giraffe

This doggie is so afraid of the vet that he doesn’t see any problem in using the onlooking giraffe as a hiding place, right in the corner, squashed against the wall. It took us a minute or two to actually determine whether or not this giraffe was real, then we figured we were having a major blonde moment.

#5 Digging Deep Inside The Drawer

Here’s a good example of a cat that completely lost his sanity and rational thinking when trying to escape from the cold vet’s table. He’s trying to hide in a drawer, probably trying to find some super-secret pet portal or black hole that sends him back home to his bed.


#6 Please, Don’t Leave Me

This lovely big dog in the picture below just can’t manage to hide his distraught expression whilst visiting the vets. His little sister is trying to make him feel better with a big hug, but he still knows his time is coming. Awww.


#7 Cry Like A Baby

This picture is just so sad! We’re sorry buddy, but it’s time to check your temperature. It’ll all be over in a flash!


#8 Making Things Clear

Imagine that you’re the owner of this dog, you’re driving him to the vet’s office, you look over to check on him and you’re faced with this comedy gold. Yep, you told him the truth about where you’re taking him, and he doesn’t like it very much at all. We’re pretty sure that if you looked deep enough into his eyes, you’d see his soul.


#9 Nice Try

This cat must think himself as the ginger ninja if he really believes he can hide behind a small container full of cotton wool balls. What do you guys think? Did he do a good job? Nice try, kitty, but you’ve gotta do a little better than that next time.


#10 Recycled Cat

This poor little kitty below used to be a cat, but not any more. He is now a piece of recycled trash, thanks to his deep fear of the vet’s office. Anything is better than the cold vet’s table, after all.


#11 Face The Facts

The awkward moment when the dog comes to the realization that you’re not taking him for a leisurely stroll in the park like you promised. We know it’s awful, buddy, but face the facts. You’re gonna be juuust fine.


#12 Eyes Wide Open

Just like in most of the world wars, this cunning little kitty is lurking in his trench, waiting for the right moment to make his move. And what may that be, we hear you ask? Not destroy the opposition, but escaping through the narrow slit in the door, and running all the way home to break open the can of tuna he’s been craving. And destroy the Christmas Tree, of course.


#13 Please, leave me alone.

Nope, Marty isn’t scared about getting yelled at for sh*tting on the neighbour’s yard again… it’s just time for his yearly visit to the vet’s office, and he hates the idea. “Look, just leave me alone, and we can forget about the whole thing.”



#14 Last Resort

He probably tried everything to avoid this scary visit to the vet, and now it’s his last resort.


#15 Hold My Hand Paw, Bro

The moment when you’re outside the vet’s room waiting for your appointment is probably the worst. That’s why this German Shepherd is pretty apprehensive, but thank God he’s got someone to hold his paw and comfort him.


#16 In The Trenches

Here’s another example of Feline World War I, and here’s George, hiding in his trench. If the drain in the sink was a little bigger, he would’ve already taken his chance and joined the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team in the sewers.


#17 Under The Table

No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t hide his fear when he’s faced with the idea of going to the vet. So, when he reluctantly arrives there, the only thing he can think to do is hide under the nearest table. Poor baby!


#18 Big Problem

Looks like someone can’t walk by himself into the vet’s office, right?