18 Hilarious Pictures That Are So Tragic You’ll Want To Cry


We all love food, right?! A generous slice of gooey, cheesy pizza, or a juicy hamburger. We just can’t live without it, especially when we’re ravishingly hungry. But, sometimes, not everything goes to plan. Like we always say, sh*t happens… just like these terrible food occurrences we’re about to show you lovely folks below. These 18 hilarious pictures will not only make you laugh, but they’ll also make you feel pretty devastated for the people who had to go through this pain. So, bon appetit! Or not…

#1 The Cake Accident

The intensity of this sad face below matches well with the tragedy that’s just taken place. This poor lady probably spent her entire day making this cake for a birthday party, and look at what happened. Now, all she can do is stick some candles in the cake (that’s now firmly planted to the floor), sing happy birthday, and make the most out of a bad situation.