18 Hilarious Reasons Kids Got Detention


Kids do some pretty ridiculous things, that’s for sure, especially small children. You would be surprised at what some kids do at school, as well. Here are 18 kids who just thought it’d be amusing to cut loose on their teachers and peers and landed themselves in detention for it. Here are 18 hilarious reasons kids got detention. You’re guaranteed to get a laugh.


1. I’m a Super Hero!

This kid got a detention for going to school with his Superman shirt on under his button down shirt. His teacher clearly did not appreciate the disruption to the class and gave him a detention. Is it possible for a super hero to serve a detention? Guess so.



2. Future Fashion Designer?

This kid landed himself in detention for trying to pretend to be a fashion designer, obviously. Poor Elijah only wanted to staple the other kids’ clothes together during lunch. If they all allowed him to do so without putting up a fight, why is he the only one in detention?



3. Developing New Games

Back in the day, teachers were supposed to support a student and their creativity, but this teacher did not. Instead, this kid landed in detention for trying to create a whole new kind of game to play with the other students called “Hide and Go Poop”. Who would want that going on in their classroom?



4. No Twerking Allowed

We’re going to guess that twerking is definitely frowned upon in this establishment, considering this student got a detention for threatening to bust a twerk at homecoming. The student also wants to be compensated for their dancing skills because booty shaking is serious business and can reap a hefty profit.




5. Searching for Pugs

Every kid likes little puppies, lets be real here. This kid got himself sent to detention for finishing his work, taking a laptop without asking to use one and looking at pugs. In his defense, he could have been looking at worse things…



6. Classic ‘That’s What She Said’ Joke

Some people have no sense of humor, but this teacher clearly wasn’t in the mood for crude humor either, though it is to be expected from teenage, male students. This student responded to another student’s innocent comment and landed himself in detention for it. Did she say that, bro?



7. Punny and Funny

This kid got himself landed in detention for throwing a lamp. Some kids have no sense of humor and this young man clearly thought the other student should lighten up. Sure, he got in trouble for his pun, but you have to admit. It was clever!



8. Sick of the System

This kid just wanted to rebel and after all, who doesn’t want to roll into the cafeteria in a chair on wheels? When the kid was asked to return it, he came back with a mask on. Perhaps he was planning to start the lunchtime Purge. He’s clearly very sick of the system.

Sick of the system


9. Come At Me, Bro

Ever since Jersey Shore was on MTV, kids seem to be running around using phrases like, “Cool story, bro”, or “Come at me, bro”. This kid clearly was looking to challenge another kid and landed himself in the school-time slammer, also known as detention for telling another student, “Come at me, bro!”. Way to stand behind the zero tolerance policy, though.

Come at me



10. Pretend Parking Garage

This kid sounds like he was trying to play a senior prank. He broke into the school and instead of parking his car in the lot like he was supposed to with the rest of the kids, parked in the middle of the hallway. We’re still trying to figure out how he got it through the doors.



11. Is This Real?

When we saw why this kid was going to detention, we almost passed out. Who poops on other people for money? That’s disgusting, and we’d like to hope this is just an April Fool’s joke because ew.



12. Just Teaching Anatomy

For whatever reason, kids seem to have a thing for drawing the male anatomy. This kid did just that on a chicken and got busted by his teacher for displaying his beautiful artwork in class. Another case of the teacher taking away the kid’s creativity.



13. Don’t Ask

This kid wound up in detention for giving a pretty snarky answer to another student. Clearly, this hooligan ran off with someone else’s pencil and when asked where it was, told him right where to look. We bet it wasn’t there, but what a response!



14. Defend the Squad

When you’re best friends with someone or you have a squad, you always defend the squad. When someone is saying something about your best friend, you cut loose. This is what this kid did and wound up with a detention as a result. Teachers just don’t understand.



15. TMI for a UTI

This kid apparently did not know what a UTI was but heard his grandma saying she had one, so he thought it would be cool to announce to the class. After all, kids always want to sound way more grown up than they are and this seemed like a great way to do it.



16. In For a Shock

Kids like to do all sorts of crazy stuff. This kid was looking for some excitement and decided to stick a pencil into an electric outlet. He’s in for a real shock, literally.



17. Smoking Question

When you have a question, you ask it. After all, teachers are supposed to let their students know that there are no silly or stupid questions, so this kid asked about smoking pot. The teacher clearly went back on that silly question speech and gave the pupil a detention.



18. Communism, I Say!

Kids say the darndest things, and this kid wanted to watch the Olympics for the Ice Hockey game. The teacher said no and the student decided it was communism. What’s wrong with ice hockey? It’s educational… right?