18 Hilarious Reasons Kids Got Detention


Kids do some pretty ridiculous things, that’s for sure, especially small children. You would be surprised at what some kids do at school, as well. Here are 18 kids who just thought it’d be amusing to cut loose on their teachers and peers and landed themselves in detention for it. Here are 18 hilarious reasons kids got detention. You’re guaranteed to get a laugh.


1. I’m a Super Hero!

This kid got a detention for going to school with his Superman shirt on under his button down shirt. His teacher clearly did not appreciate the disruption to the class and gave him a detention. Is it possible for a super hero to serve a detention? Guess so.



2. Future Fashion Designer?

This kid landed himself in detention for trying to pretend to be a fashion designer, obviously. Poor Elijah only wanted to staple the other kids’ clothes together during lunch. If they all allowed him to do so without putting up a fight, why is he the only one in detention?



3. Developing New Games

Back in the day, teachers were supposed to support a student and their creativity, but this teacher did not. Instead, this kid landed in detention for trying to create a whole new kind of game to play with the other students called “Hide and Go Poop”. Who would want that going on in their classroom?