The 18 Most Hilariously Awkward Celebrity Meet & Greet Pictures


Usually, celebrities tend to look immaculately beautiful in photographs, so it’s rare for us to see them faced with some pretty awkward situations that were caught on camera. The beauty of these celebrity meet & greets is that it’s a chance for the most loyal fans from around the world to meet their celebrity idols, but also that they’re cringe-worthy, awkward, and hilarious, all at the same time! Here’s a selection of the 18 most awkward pictures taken at celebrity meet & greet events. We hope you enjoy looking and laughing at them, just like we did.

#1 Miley Cyrus

Everyone knows that Miley Cyrus is renowned for shocking the world with her crazy antics, so it’s definitely easy to find some pretty crazy pictures of her on the Internet. How about this picture of her and a fan at a meet and greet event? He’s clearly pleased with himself.