18 Hilariously Bizarre People Found On Dating Websites In Russia


When we think about Russia, the first words that come into our minds are “bizarre, weird, strange, and different”, just to name a few. Russians definitely have an unusual way to look at the world. And, just to prove this to you guys, we’ve already showed you their weird way to pay homage to the dead, told you 30 unbelievable facts about Russia, and given you the awesome opportunity to watch the 30 WTF GIFs about Russia. But, even after all this proof, you probably still have a little doubt. So, we found a new way to show you the truth about our funny Russian friends. We’ve chosen the 18 most hilarious and bizarre profiles from Russian dating websites. The way they show off their skills and beauty is hilarious, and definitely unique, to say the least. Just try not to fall in love, whatever you do!

#1 The Russian Mermaid

Whoever said that mermaids don’t exist?! They are real, and they chose the best place on Earth to live freely – in Russia, of course! We don’t know about you guys, but we much prefer Disney’s Ariel.


#2 Love & Hate

Love and hate walk side by side in this world, and it’s not so different over in Russia. Look at these bizarrely different ways that Russian guys attempt to make a first impression on a dating site. The first one is trying to seduce you with his plastic roses, and the other is doing the whole ‘bad guy’ thing with his pistol. Word of advice, though, buddy – getting a haircut is probably the only way you’ll come close to getting a date. Next…


#3 The Bodybuilder And The Love Hunter

Here’s two types of men to make the single ladies go crazy. The first fella is utterly convinced that his ‘muscles’ and the ‘stylish’ tie around his neck is more than enough to make the girls fall head over heels in love, and the second one is just too sexy to handle, what with his dead animal and all. We’ll leave you ladies to be the judges. Which one’s it gonna be?!


#4 Big Fish

After the lovely Russian mermaid, here’s an eccentric lady who wanted to pose for a picture, side-by-side with a huge fish. Well, guys, at least one thing’s for sure – with her as your wife, you’ll never get hungry ever again! Fish for dinner = guaranteed.


#5 Sensual Seduction

OMG! We can’t take our eyes off this chick, who’s trying to be ‘sensual’ by pouring an energy drink all over herself. Just kidding. What a waste of liquid! If you wanted a bath, why didn’t you just go in the river?!


#6 Full Of Gifts

This Russian girl is far from a simple girl – she’s full of attributes. We highly doubt you can find a girl who can keep a glass of wine in between her boobs, whilst eating a piece of KFC Original Recipe Chicken at the same time. KFC liked this.


#7 Big Girl

We’re not really sure why this ‘big girl’ is trying to imitate a pig smoking a cigarette, but it’s clearly her best bet when it comes to seducing Russian guys.


#8 The Russian Don Juan

This romantic and sexy Russian guy is everything that a girl needs. Not only because of his amazing Halloween hat that he probably stole from his sister, but he also knows all too well that a girl can’t resist flowers. What a stud!


#9 Warm Inside

It’s very cold in Russia, but this guy is trying to insinuate that he’s warm inside. After all, with a huge coat like this one, it’s impossible to feel cold! “Care to join me, ladies?” Ew.


#10 The Perfectionist

Here’s someone who knows a lot about how not to sell his image. Check out the stunning backdrop of the photo – we’ve never seen anything so beautiful! Not to mention the old BMW, the hip haircut, and the super-fashionable glasses. There really is nothing like a tough Russian guy. Um… thanks, but no thanks.


#11 Big Man

This guy is the perfect example of the typical “alpha male” in Russia. He’s not tall, strong, or beautiful, but there’s confidence and self-esteem oozing from him. Loving the pants, too, dude. And that thing on the wall… wow. An interior designer’s paradise.


#12 The Simple Queen

Okay, so she doesn’t have the most beautiful kitchen in the world, and clearly doesn’t have much control over her children’s use of coloured crayons, but she sure does look powerful. The wall’s definitely a good way to alert any potential admirers of her family situation, too!


#13 The School Girl

This Russian chick is definitely on to something by using a picture of herself in her school uniform to attract any admirers, but she could’ve thought of a better scenario. Cat food, microwave, and a damn fine knife rack. Sexy!


#14 The Artist

This eccentric Russian guy is trying to show that beauty on the outside isn’t so important. So, he decided to paint his face a weird grey colour and upload it as his dating site profile picture. And guess what? He hasn’t received any replies yet.


#15 I Can Clean And Kill

Here’s a guy that’s eager to show all the chicks he can clean the house if need be, but also that he’ll kill them if they don’t cook meals that are up to his standard. So romantic!


#16 The Tennis Player

This old fella knows exactly how to grab the women’s attention and show off his skills, both at the same time! As we can see, he can play tennis, kill flies, and dress extremely badly. Is there anything this guy can’t do?!


#17 The Fatal Look

Strangely, this is one of the most ‘normal’ guys amongst all the other weird and wonderful folks we’ve seen, but come on – we still can’t stop laughing at this picture. The vest, the hat, and the menacing stare. Too funny to handle!


#18 The Ninja And The Protected Bath

Here’s two more eccentric Russian folks to add to the very long list. In the first picture, it’s a Russian ninja who can’t get enough of a cute puppy or two. In the second, it’s some chick bathing whilst wearing rubber gloves and enjoying a glass of wine. Please, somebody… explain. No matter how hard we try, we just don’t get it.