The 18 Most Important Selfies Of 2014


 #2 Beyonce Selfie Photobomb

Who doesn’t want to click THE Queen Beyonce photobombing their selfie?! This guy below sure had amazing luck that day, and snapped his selfie just as this infamous celebrity was passing by. Imagine the moment…


 #3 Kim Kardashian Photoshopped Butt Selfie

Everyone wants to look sexy in their selfies, and some people have to turn to the helping hand of Photoshop to make it even better… seemingly, this includes the people that don’t even need Photoshop. Even Ms Kardashian is doing it. She posted this strange selfie of her and her friend showing off their huge butts for the world to see, and thought we wouldn’t notice the waves in the floor caused by the expansion of her butt on Photoshop. Jeez, isn’t it big enough already?