18 Impressive Street Art Pieces That Were Made To Play Tricks On Your Brain


Can you imagine walking in the street and coming across drawings and sculptures that play tricks on your brain and totally activate your imagination? Some amazingly talented artists and architects from some of the biggest cities in the world are doing this right now, coming up with some really creative street art that interact with the people around. Just to show you what we’re talking about, we decided to make a special selection of 18 impressive street art pieces around the world, all of which have two things in common: they were designed by some extremely talented people, and play huge tricks on our brains. Enjoy!

#1 “Don’t Ignore Me” – China

This street art was created by some artists in China and Unicef with the idea of opening people’s eyes about the millions and millions of children in China living in poverty.

StreetArtIllusion StreetArtIllusion1

#2 “The Tree” – France

This amazing street art was made in an abandoned structure in France and was designed to open society’s eyes about the importance of nature in a world where more and more trees are being cut down to make room for more concrete.

StreetArtIllusion2 StreetArtIllusion2-1

#3 “Sunbathing Man” – France

Here’s another street art made in France that is trying to warn people about the importance of nature. The idea was to stress the problems that buildings and constructions bring to ‘natural’ places, like beaches.


#4 “Take My Lightning, But Don’t Steal My Thunder” – London

The British artist Alex Chinneck created this amazing street art that really interacts with the perception and imagination of the people. “My objective was to create an accessible artwork that makes a harmonious but breath-taking contribution to its historic surroundings, leaving a lasting and positive impression upon the cultural landscape of Covent Garden and in the minds of its many visitors,” says Chinneck.


#5 Giant Clothes Pin – Liege, Belgium

Produced by the artist Mehmet Ali Uysal, this giant clothes pin was designed especially for The Festival of Five Seasons that happens in Belgium, showing the art work of some of the best artists in the world.


#6 3D Snail

Julian Beever is one of the references in 3D Street Art, and here’s one of his best creations ever. It’s definitely impressive how people can draw such amazing optical illusions.

StreetArtIllusion7 StreetArtIllusion7-1

#7 “Cartoon Invasion” – Brooklyn, New York, USA

The artist Aakash Nihalani is quickly becoming recognized as one of America’s most striking emerging installation artists. Nihalani is able to create illusions using only paper tubes and paint, and the result is pretty impressive.


#8 “Miner On The Moon” – London

Here’s another amazing street art created by the amazing artist Alex Chinneck in London. This time, it shows a house positioned upside down. How does he do it?!


#9 “Anamorphic Illusion” – Rome, Italy

Truly Design is always creating some of the best street art, just like the one below. There’s art just like this throughout the streets of Italy – how awesome is that?!

StreetArtIllusion10StreetArtIllusion10-1 StreetArtIllusion10-2

#10 “Optical Illusion Billboard” – India

And how about this incredible and very creative Optical Illusion Billboard on a building in India? It definitely plays a lot of crazy tricks on our brains. Simply fantastic.


#11 “Hovering Tree” – Germany

The two artists responsible for this amazing project are Daniel Siering and Mario Shu, and to compose this street art, it was necessary to wrap the tree, and then paint the landscape behind it onto the paper. Amazing!


#12 “Invisible Skyway” – New Zealand

The New Zealander Mark Hewson is a notorious illusionist, urbanist, and artist, as we can see in this great art work created by himself. The idea behind his work is to try and convince everyone that there is less (or more) to their city than what meets the eye.


#13 “3D Geometric Shapes” – Belgium

Here’s another great art work created in Belgium that uses different angles to create an illusion that’s capable of making your brain believe that it’s in 3D. The artist behind this project is Alexis Facca, who likes to express his art in abandoned urban locations to completely transform the place.

StreetArtIllusion14 StreetArtIllusion14-1 StreetArtIllusion14-2

#14 “Globe Park” – Paris, France

This amazing street art created by the talented artist Francois Abelanet plays a crazy trick on our brains, depending on which angle we look at it. We’d love to visit Paris and be faced with this gem!

StreetArtIllusion15 StreetArtIllusion15-2

#15 “From the Knees Of My Nose To The Belly Of My Toes” – London

Here’s even more street art that plays with our perception and imagination, which was again created by the great artist Alex Chinneck in London. The interesting part about this art work is that Alex purchased this building after he read that the area was in decline, so he made a few modifications to express this in another way, symbolizing the decline of a community.

StreetArtIllusion16 StreetArtIllusion16-2

#16 “Beautifying Railings” – Germany

This amazing street art made in Germany can only be seen from a very specific angle, and if you move from side to side, you can see the eye moving. Awesome!


#17 “Street Chasms” – Ireland

Edgar Mueller is famous for being considered as a master of 3D realistic illusions, and he is responsible for creating some of the best street art ever. If you’d like to know why, here is the answer.


#18 “Invisible Electrical Boxes” – San Francisco

How about this amazing art work created by the artist Mona Caron, who made this cabin look invisible? It’s pretty damn awesome. She combined the natural colors and landscape of the surroundings, and made it look like there was no cabin there at all. Great work!