18 Impressive Street Art Pieces That Were Made To Play Tricks On Your Brain


Can you imagine walking in the street and coming across drawings and sculptures that play tricks on your brain and totally activate your imagination? Some amazingly talented artists and architects from some of the biggest cities in the world are doing this right now, coming up with some really creative street art that interact with the people around. Just to show you what we’re talking about, we decided to make a special selection of 18 impressive street art pieces around the world, all of which have two things in common: they were designed by some extremely talented people, and play huge tricks on our brains. Enjoy!

#1 “Don’t Ignore Me” – China

This street art was created by some artists in China and Unicef with the idea of opening people’s eyes about the millions and millions of children in China living in poverty.

StreetArtIllusion StreetArtIllusion1