The 18 Most Insane And Extreme Selfies That Will Really Terrify You


Some people you meet in this world are full of life, extremely courageous, yet a little crazy at the same time. This doesn’t apply only to their tendency to do daredevil things, but also their wish to register and document these insane moments forever, and the lengths they’ll go to just to get it. Long story short, people will do anything these days just to get a good selfie. Sometimes it’s climbing to the very top of a huge building, or even jumping from it. Other times, it might be posing next to a dangerous wild animal. There really is no such word as ‘boundaries’ for these adrenaline junkies we’re about to show you below. Here’s a selection of the most dangerous selfies ever taken.

 #1 Christ The Redeemer Selfie

This lone adventurer did something extreme to get his adrenaline fix, and probably got thousands of likes on Facebook at the same time. Somehow, he managed to make his way right to the very top of the famous ‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue in Rio, Brazil, and took a selfie. If we did this, we’re not too sure we’d look too thrilled about it. Terrifying!