18 Nerdy Bar Essentials To Get Your Drink On!


Be the envy of any other alcoholic, nerd, geek, or anyone affiliated with booze and science! Check out this collection of the most amazing nerdy bar essentials to spice up (literally!) your drink and bar amenities. These nerdy bar essentials would not only look good on your bar, but would also educate and demonstrate science to your drunk audience! Read on!

1. The Sonic Foamer

It’s sort of like a sonic screwdriver, but for beer. The sonic foamer uses sound waves to create bubbles in your favorite brew, thus reviving the lost foam head. And the best part? You can use it on the same glass of beer over and over again, making every sip just as crisp and refreshing as if it had been freshly poured.



2. The Erlenmeyer Vacuum Flask Cocktail Shaker Set

You may already have a degree in Chemistry, but you’re going to be majoring in mixology with this awesome set from Periodic Tableware. The set includes two beaker and two flask shot glasses, as well as the Erlenmeyer Vacuum Flask shaker and pouring lid.


3. Critical Hit d20 Ice Mold

For the discriminating dungeon-master, these d20 ice molds will consistently cast a Level 4 Cooling Spell on your favorite drinks.


4. Math Glasses

Only mathematicians need apply. These sweet glasses come as a set of 4, and are riddled with nerdy math references and constants for all skill levels


5. Solid Steel Pi Bottle Opener

Get those beers open in 3.14 seconds flat


6. Radioactive Elements Light-Up Coasters

These Radioactive Elements Coasters from ThinkGeek might be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. Representing the following elements: Radium-226 (Red), Plutonium-244 (Blue), Uranium-238 (Green), Thorium-232 (Orange), the coasters actually light up when you put a drink on them.


7. Rubik’s Cube Mini Fridge

Now you can keep your favorite drinks cold by sticking them inside a giant Rubik’s cube, what’s not to love about that? Though, let’s be honest, we all want this– but it’ll always drive us nuts to know that we’ll never be able to solve it.


8. Molecular Flutes

Celebrate with your nerdy beloved with this pair of Molecular flutes, etched with the atomic structures of Oxytocin and Vasopressin (two of the key “love” chemicals).


9. Brain Specimen Slide Coasters

Biologists rejoice! This set of 10 glass brain specimen slide coasters is perfect for when you’ve got drinking on your mind. Plus when you stack them, it totally looks like an eerie 3-D floating brain.


10. The Vortex Cocktail Mixer

You had me at “alcohol tornado.” Because shaking your drinks to mix them is for cavemen.


11. Ctrl+Alt+Del Cupset

When you’re ready to “force quit” your workday, now you can enjoy a beverage from these awesome giant Control-Alt-Delete key cups.


12. “Gene Rocks” Glass

The genetically-inclined will recognize that each of these 11-ounce glasses is etched with the entire genetic code for ADH1A, or Alcohol Dehydrogenase. For the rest of us, that’s the enzyme that allows us to metabolize alcohol.


13. Chemist’s Cocktail Kit

Practice alcohol-chemistry (which is apparently *not* the same as alchemy, who knew?) on-the-go with this Chemist’s cocktail set. Each set comes with: a graduated Erlenmeyer flask decanter (500 ml/17 oz.), 6 graduated test tubes (50 ml/1.7 oz.), a glass stirring rod, a stainless steel shaker with strainer (320 ml/10.8 oz.), and a powder-coated steel rack.


14. Lego Shot Glasses

No nerd-cave is complete without a LEGO presence. Enter: the Lego shot glass, so you can combine two of the world’s greatest pleasures: drinking and building stuff. Get ’em while they’re hot, these sets of 4 shot glasses are currently on super-sale.


15. The Ctrl+ O Bottle Opener

Now, opening a brew is as easy as opening a new tab in your browser.


16. Beaker Wine Glass

For the classy, nontraditional nerd: these awesome 300 mL beaker wine glasses are the perfect accessory for conducting your drunk-speriments.


17. Klein Bottle Decanter

One part mathematical mystery to two parts awesome, these Klein Bottle decanters are the best way to add a little Möbius to your mojito. These zero-volume, one-sided, non-orientable bottles only get more confusing the more you drink from them.


18. Petri Dish Coasters

Only for the most “cultured,” these 4 handmade petri-dish coasters are pretty much the only time you want slime molds and bacteria anywhere near your drink.