18 People Who Are Definitely Having A Worse Monday Than Yours


Monday is probably the worst nightmare for most people in the world, and this is because Monday tends to be the first day back at work after a pleasant and lazy weekend. Nobody likes coming back from a weekend away in a swanky hotel or beach club, to work at their boring office the next day. It’s awful – and that’s probably why Monday is always giving us such bad energy and unfortunate events. But, don’t worry, because we’re about to make your Monday better (or any other day, for that matter) with our hilarious article, showing some really unlucky things that have happened to some poor, poor people out there. One thing’s for sure – they’re definitely having a worse Monday than yours. You’ll end up with a big smile on your face after reading this, and thanking the Lord for your amazing Monday. Enjoy your day!

#1 OMG!

Okay, it’s very simple to understand what happened here. This poor human woke up early on a Monday morning to go to the gym just before work, made a healthy smoothie… and this happened. Just another Monday.


#2 The Big Mess

We all know how bad it is when you prepare something to eat with the best of intentions, and the Monday energy comes along, and does this to you. Cleaning this keyboard will be a daunting task.


#3 Lose Some Weight

Yep, buddy, we hate to say it, but even the evil Mondays are telling you that you need to lose some weight. How bad would it be to face this scene on a Monday morning? Go to the store and buy some fruit and veg… you need to change your diet. Drastically.


#4 Monday Coffee

Our best friend every Monday morning is the good cup of strong black coffee, but still, sometimes it’s pretty difficult to defeat Monday’s weird energies. Look what happened to this poor guy below. No more coffee for him!


#5 Monday Evening

And, when you finally come home from work after a long day at the office, you go straight to the kitchen to open a bottle of wine and relax for a while in front of the TV. You think this is the part of your day that will run smoothly, but you’re wrong. Monday will always be Monday, after all.


#6 Toilets On Mondays

Yep, you’re never safe on a Monday, not even during that awkward dash to the bathroom. Look at what happened to this poor dude below. Is there anything worse than this? Probably not…


#7 No Juice On Mondays

Yep, no matter how healthy you want to be on a Monday, the awful energy of this weird day will hunt you down and make terrible things happen, even if you think you’re being good. No orange juice for you today.


#8 Good Luck!

… Is all you can think when you imagine the poor guy who has to work on this section of the office, facing a bizarre situation on a Monday morning. Sorry, dude, but you need the money, right?


#9 Just One Donut

Someone here thought that he could eat two chocolate donuts, but not on a Monday morning. Everything has the potential to go wrong when you’re under the nasty spell that is Monday.


#10 The Killer Chair

Someone here was happy and comfortable working at his office desk on a Monday morning, when suddenly, sh*it happened and changed everything. Someone here needs new pants, pronto.


#11 Oops!

Nope, it’s too late now, my friend – you won’t get to work on time today. It’s yet another fatal accident that happened on a Monday morning. Call your boss ASAP… you’re gonna need a little more time.


#12 Too Much Pepper

This poor guy was just trying to eat his pizza in peace, until he faced the Monday curse, and accidentally poured the whole shaker of pepper onto his pizza. Get a big glass of water, man, ’cause this meal is gonna be hot.


#13 Good Morning

Imagine this situation – you finally got to work after waiting in a long traffic jam and experiencing typical Monday morning problems, and when you try to open the filing cabinet in the office, this terrible thing happens.


#14 Lunch Break

What else can go wrong when you only have this to eat, but you can’t open it properly?! It would be even worse if you found a dead rat inside, or figured out that it’s out of date. Welcome to your Monday lunch break, lady.


#15 Omelette Fail

Unless you don’t mind eating an omelette from the floor, you won’t be gettin’ no eggs today, sonny. You’ll have to get used to it – Monday isn’t the most hated day of the week for no reason.


#16 Wrong Shoes

You wake up late, just like all the other Monday mornings, get ready as fast as you can, and drive to your office at super speed. When you finally get two minutes of peace, you look down to your feet, and get this pleasant surprise. Ohhh, no.


#17 Cleaning On A Monday

Yep, this old fella is just having a normal Monday, facing all the habitual problems, and this means no hoovering today. Well, unless you go out and buy a new one, that is. Going up… going down.


#18 Monday Cliche

Because of the strange energy every Monday, each step is a new mistake. This poor guy was just trying to dry his hands with some dignity, but Monday wouldn’t even let him do that.