18 People Who Got Fired Because Of Their Shameless Tweets


Social media has definitely revolutionized the way humans can communicate, connecting more and more people with each other all the time, and amplifying the ways they can express themselves, making any simple opinion easily seen, interpreted and judged very quickly. But, nothing is perfect, and sometimes, the power to express oneself can be interpreted in the wrong way, and people all over the world can join in on the battle against you, even those who you don’t even know exist. Just to explain this awkward situation a little better, we’re about to show you 18 terrible situations in which people got fired from their jobs by expressing their opinion via Twitter, and having their boss see it by accident. Every day, more and more major companies are firing employees because of what they’ve seen on social media. So, be careful next time you’re tempted to tweet about your awful day at the office… We warned you first!

#1 Bad Joke

Justine worked as a Director of Corporate Communications until the day she got the terrific idea to post this shameless racist tweet below. The result was millions of people angry with her on Twitter and her eventual resignation from the company as a result. Oh, dear!