18 People Who Are Taking Their “Geek Life” To A Whole New Level


Okay, so it’s pretty safe to say that the geeks of today will probably conquer the world at some point. Geeks are well-known not only for their interests, but also for being funny, smart, creative, and obviously, very intelligent. However, some geeks really are taking the label to a whole new level, and living their “geek life” to the full. Here’s a selection of the 18 geekiest things in the world that anyone has ever done. Enjoy!

#1 Power Loader

This awesome GIF of a baby strolling around in a Power Loader costume is absolutely amazing. It was, of course, probably planned extensively and designed by a geeky dad, who spent good money to create this realistic baby costume. Looks like this baby don’t need his momma no more.