18 Pictures To Prove That Adoption Can Save A Cat’s Life


One of the most beautiful acts in this world is adoption. We live in a crazy world in which more and more children and animals are abandoned and/or abused each and every day, which is precisely why adoption is such a beautiful thing. In this article, we will show you some cats who were found in terrible states, almost at the point of death, but fortunately were rescued and adopted by loving families. Here’s 18 beautiful and emotional pictures proving to you that adoption can save a cat’s life. Enjoy!

#1 The Phoenix

This abandoned ginger cat called Biscuit was trying to get warm on a cold night and crawled into the motor of a car. Unfortunately, the next morning the owner of the car started the engine, and accidentally burned Biscuit. After this tragic accident, beautiful Biscuit was adopted by a family who took care of him, and this is how he looks today. We’re so glad he had a happy ending.