18 Pictures To Prove Exactly Why Women Live Longer Than Men – Pt II


After the huge success of the hilarious 12 pictures to prove why women live longer than men, it’s now time to show you some new and incontestable pictures that prove once again that science is right when it claims that women live longer than men. But, aside from genetics and biological reasons, the truth about why this is possible is actually much more obvious than you imagined. Men definitely have more dangerous lifestyles than the lovely women of the world, and it’s time to prove that to you. We are about to show you some hilarious and unbelievable situations, all of which will prove that men simply don’t care about their lives, as long as they get the job done. So, if you’re a guy and you can relate to some of these, we have 3 words, and 3 words only: God bless you.

#1 Pool Party

At first glance, these guys are having a fun day in their inflatable pool with a barbecue and some beers, but take a look at the picture again. Their need for electricity at the most inconvenient of times could cost them their lives!