18 Pizza Loving Pets That Want a Slice


Pizza, for many people, is like a gift from the Gods. It is warm, cheesy and absolutely delicious, plus you can put whatever toppings you want on it. People, however, are not the only fans of this wonderful food. Pets love pizza too! Here are 18 pizza loving pets that want a slice and will make you want to share a slice with them just because they’re adorable.

1. Are you going to finish that yourself?

Here is a cat that so desperately wants that pizza that he is willing to guard it with his life until you give him some. Surely, you cannot finish that entire pizza yourself, human. Just a slice will satisfy me.



2. I’m cute. Can I have some?

This dog is clearly using the art of begging and being adorable to his advantage. Giving his owner the puppy eyes will surely get him a piece of the pie, right? Besides, his owner isn not even eating the crust.



3. So much tastier than those nuts I’ve been eating.

Nuts have got to get pretty boring for a little squirrel but this little guy really hit the jackpot today with a piece of supreme pizza loaded with cheesy goodness and toppings. He really looks to be enjoying it as well. Taking it away would not be advised.



4. Can I just have the crust, mommy?

This little pug is so hungry for pizza, she’s willing to settle for even the crust. It doesn’t look like her owner is eating it anyhow, so what better way to dispose of it? Yum yum in puppy’s belly.



5. Look at me gnawing on this yumminess!

This cat scored big time with a piece of pizza crust, or maybe he ate the whole piece. In any event, hopefully all 9 of this kitty’s lives will be this cheesy and amazing, because once you have a taste of deliciousness, you’re going to want more and more and 9 lives is a long time to go without pizza.



6. I was just going to have a taste, but I’ll take the whole slice.

This lab just wanted to have a taste of that pizza, but since it’s all sitting there, he is contemplating just taking the whole slice. After all, he doesn’t have hands to just break a small piece off, so a whole slice it is. What a score!

Whole Pizza


7. I need that cheesy goodness!

Here is another pug craving a piece of pepperoni pizza. Looking at the pizza with these big, pleading eyes is surely enough to get him just a little nibble, at least. After all, he’s been a really good boy lately.



8. You got the extra sauce!!!

This Boston Terrier is excited for that pizza and hey! You even got it made the way she likes it with the extra sauce so there is no way you’re just going to be a tease and not share. After all, look at those eyes and that big smile.



9. I’m on my pizza with my pizza on my mind.

Here is a pizza loving pup who is always on his pizza game and always has pizza on his mind. When you love pizza this much, it’s all you think about, it’s all you dream about and it’s all you see, because your bed is literally a pizza pillow. We all wish we could lay on a bed of our favorite food.



10. It’s mine now and I dare you to try and take it.

Even though this Chihuahua is small, she knows what she wants. She wants the pizza and now that she has it in her mouth, you better not try to take it. Chihuahuas take their food very seriously and though she may be small, she’ll still bite the hand that feeds with no problems.

Chi and Pizza


11. It was so good I ate it all and hid in the box. Hi!

This cat is adorable. She knows she probably was not supposed to get into your pizza box and eat all of your dinner but she did anyway. Then, her guilty conscious got the best of her, so she decided to surprise you by hiding in the box. How can you even be mad at something so cute? Just call and order another pie.

Ate it all


12. So close but so far away.

This cat is like most teenagers. She is lying there, staring at the pizza that she wants to eat and could easily have, but the struggle to get up and go get the pizza is real. Eventually, she’ll get there and get a slice.

Right There


13. Is that extra cheese I see?

This dog is ready and willing to stare you down for a slice of that pizza. You got it made just the way she likes it, with extra cheese. Since there is no way you can possibly eat that whole pizza yourself, why not share with your best friend? Look at that face!

Extra Cheese



14. Mom bought Papa Johns!! I am SO excited!

This dog is literally grinning from ear to ear because mom bought Papa John’s for dinner! She can’t wait to get home and eat dinner. You won’t have to ask her to wash her paws or call her to dinner twice. The excitement is real.

So Excited


15. Don’t you touch my pizza. I’m watching you.

Another Chihuahua that is very serious about his pizza. It’s his and he is watching you. Unless you want to lose a finger, you probably shouldn’t touch it. Even though he is small, yes, he plans on finishing it.

 Dont try it

 16. Its all mine!

Here is a cat that finally got a taste of heaven. Her expression is pure bliss and she looks like she just cannot wait to chomp down the rest of the slice. This is so much better than that dry cat food you always put out. What a time to be alive!

All Mine

17. My mouth always looks like this, mom…

This dog swears he didn’t steal your piece of pizza. This is how his mouth always looks, like there is something in it, but there really isn’t. Okay, you caught him and yes, he took your pizza, but he swears there is room in that little body for the whole slice. He won’t waste it. Doc


18. Even hamsters like pizza.

No matter how small you may be, you can still enjoy pizza and you know how to eat it. This hamster has his very own little slice and appears to be enjoying it. This is a delicious treat and while it can’t be a meal staple, he promises he won’t escape if you promise to treat him with pizza.

Pizza Ham