18 Professional Trolls Who Just Want To Laugh No Matter What


We all have that friend who loves making jokes and pulling pranks on people, and we’re usually one of their bullying victims. These kind of people are known as ‘trolls’, which is a fairly new term created on the Internet to define those crazy people who love to create total chaos. A good troll just wants to see the world on fire, and unfortunately, they’re everywhere – work, school, at the gym, and lurking around each and every corner. Check out our special selection of 18 professional trolls who just want to laugh no matter what. Enjoy!

#1 No Mercy

The idea was to throw the stone into the box whilst blindfolded, but his very ‘good friend’ decided to swap the box for a shovel, instead… and this happened. How can we not feel bad for this poor guy?! That must’ve hurt a lot.


#2 Office Prank

Even in the office, we are not safe from the dirty minds of our troll friends. Just take a look at what this bully did to his colleague. Thank God, he recorded it all, so at least we can get a good laugh out of it. Ha.


#3 Shower Time

How about giving a good shower to a train full of passengers? That’s exactly what this bully below thought – how considerate of him! All he needed was his motorbike and some water from the nearby river… and voilà! We can imagine they all really appreciated it.


#4 Wasted…

Look at what this guy did to tell everyone in the office to not waste the toner in the printer. Well, seems like they have none left now after he went and wasted it all! Go, you!


#5 It Wasn’t Me

If you’re looking for more action in your classroom, here’s something you can try with your ‘best friend’. Just be sure he won’t kill the guy sitting at the back of him… Oops!


#6 How To Solve This?!

Look at what this creative evil mind did to her ‘beloved daddy’. We don’t have a clue about how he did it, but someone must know how to escape this evil prank without flooding the entire kitchen… surely?!


#7 Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s always difficult to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other, isn’t it? This guy decided to do something incredibly unique, and chose a nice box of chocolates cockroaches! Love is so so beautiful.


#8 Hotel Prank

This one is very creative and hilarious. Someone decided to play a very cruel trick on the maids in the hotel they were staying at. We can’t even begin to imagine how scared they must’ve been – they were probably consulting managers and running around the corridors like crazy people. And the Top Troll award goes to…


#9 Ready To Go?!

This guy was challenged to show his friends that he was brave enough to lay down on the side of the bridge without using his hands, but it was just a trick, so that his equally evil friend could come and push him, making everyone else think he was some kind of killer. But then… splash! Phew.


#10 No Patience

We prefer to believe that someone was trying to make some kind of mortal prank with the poor human that went into this cubicle and desperately needed toilet paper… either that, or it was just an ignorant worker having a terrible day.


#11 Fatality!

Imagine yourself getting ready to go to a party and you’re already late, and having this terrible thing happen to you. Her face after the talcum explosion reveals how angry and p*ssed she was. We’re pretty sure we would be, too.


#12 People Who Can’t Use A Trash Can

Just take a look at what this lazy person attempted to put inside the trash can. Of course, he’s too idiotic to actually go outside and put it where it belongs. D’oh!


#13 The Oreo Prank

And how about this cruel, cruel prank below – replacing the cream inside the Oreos with toothpaste?! Someone’s chocolate addiction is definitely gonna lead to serious indigestion now…


#14 Throw The Spider

We can’t explain why, but these two girls had the ‘amazing’ idea to braid their hair together and get stuck… but just look at what some evil mastermind wrote in the comments. Just throw the spider, and let the games begin. Muahahaha!


#15 You Can’t Park Here

Look at this troll who thinks that cars and bicycles have the same rights. Nothing you can do, buddy… you’re gonna have to park somewhere else, or your precious bicycle will get seriously smashed into pieces by some angry driver.


#16 Word Search

Check out this word search that some troll decided to do. He can guarantee that all these words are there, but can you find them all?! A difficult task indeed…


#17 Wait And See

Look at the incredibly evil idea that this guy decided to go on Google+. We confess that it’d definitely be a good ‘social experiment’ to see how people would react… and it would make the dull social media site a little more interesting, too.


#18 Mario Troll

No one has ever understood why Mario sometimes had to sacrifice the life of poor little Yoshi to achieve a goal. So, a total genius created this hilarious GIF showing us how terrible this moment really is.