18 Professional Trolls Who Just Want To Laugh No Matter What


We all have that friend who loves making jokes and pulling pranks on people, and we’re usually one of their bullying victims. These kind of people are known as ‘trolls’, which is a fairly new term created on the Internet to define those crazy people who love to create total chaos. A good troll just wants to see the world on fire, and unfortunately, they’re everywhere – work, school, at the gym, and lurking around each and every corner. Check out our special selection of 18 professional trolls who just want to laugh no matter what. Enjoy!

#1 No Mercy

The idea was to throw the stone into the box whilst blindfolded, but his very ‘good friend’ decided to swap the box for a shovel, instead… and this happened. How can we not feel bad for this poor guy?! That must’ve hurt a lot.