18 Real-Life People Who Look Identical To Popular Cartoon Characters


It’s incredible how we’re all connected – every living thing in this world has similarities with one another. For example, there are cats that look like famous characters, and even famous stars with weird doppelgängers from the past. But now, it’s time to see something even weirder – real-life people who look exactly like the cartoon characters we know and love. It’s pretty crazy to think that they have real-life versions walking around amongst us, right? Just to show you what we’re talking about, we decided to create a special selection of all these strange people who look exactly like cartoon characters. We hope you enjoy.

#1 Meg Griffin, Family Guy

It’s crazy how similar this chick looks to Family Guy’s Meg Griffin, and pretty awesome that she had the sense of humour to dress up as the character and make the most of her flaws. You go, sister!