These 18 Rich Kids Of Instagram Will Show You The High Life In Style


In a world where millions of people have an account on social media, it’s not difficult to see some of your friends trying to show off too much, trying to make other users jealous about their vacation, a new expensive product they’ve purchased, or whatever else. But, your friends will never be able to show off quite as much as these rich kids below. On the Instagram account @richkidsofinstagram the richest kids in the world post their pictures, showing us all what exactly they’re up to. This tends to involve spending lots and lots of cash. Here is a special selection of the most ‘expensive’ pictures ever taken. Put on your gold chain, call your pet tiger over, and sink back your champagne, because you’re about to see how the millionaire kid$ live their lives. Enjoy!

#1 Fast Food And Champagne On A Private Jet

Here’s the first example that will probably make you laugh every time you see one of your friends posting a picture of their new car or gold chain. A real millionaire posts pictures like this…