18 Ridiculous Russian Dating Site Profile Pictures


Russia seems to be the country with the most women online looking for a date, or in most cases, a way to come to America. In fact, there are many sites out there for American men who are looking for Russian wives, but you have to be really careful, because Russian scams are everywhere. In any event, looking at the profile pictures Russian women use on their account can be enough entertainment, Here are 18 ridiculous Russian dating site profile pictures that proves why these women are so desperate.

1. Very feminine.


This woman is really trying to attract herself a hot, American man. Her hairdo and facial expression, however, are enough to scare most away and make them wonder if she’s really a woman or one of the trolls from Frozen. Very, very questionable…


2. I swear, I’m a mermaid.

Russia 2

Apparently Russian woman think that American men really desire mermaids. Don’t they know they’re not real? This woman wrapped a white bed sheet around herself to look like a mythical creature, but really, she just looks ridiculous. Triton never sent his daughters on Russian dating sites.