18 Of The Smartest Product Packaging In The World Pt. II


After we showed you here some of the smartest product packaging in the world, the time has come to bring you Part II of the most creative packaging that, without a doubt, has the power to make the products sell like hot cakes. We all know that our senses are very connected to our wills and needs, right? Thinking about this, some of the best marketing professionals in the world designed attractive packaging to make you fall in love with their products. Are you ready to check them out? Enjoy!

#1 Interactive Teabags

These teabags are inspired by some of the most well-known political personalities in the world, and they are guaranteed to make you crave a good old cup of tea right now. Check out some of these infamous characters enjoying a bath in your tea cup.

CreativePacks2 CreativePacks2-1

#2 Natural Medicine

What’s the best way to show everyone the powerful properties of natural medicine? Making awesome packaging that transmits that idea, of course. How about pills that look like flowers? There’s nothing more natural than flowers.


#3 Anti-Theft Pack

Are you tired of seeing your sandwich mysteriously go missing every time you open the fridge in your office? Well, worry no more, because these anti-theft lunch bags are a smart solution to this common problem. The packaging simulates a rotten sandwich, and who on Earth would want to steal one of those?!


#4 Nike Pack

We all know how powerful the marketing of Nike is, right?! The company is always investing millions in good products and advertising, and here’s another good example of that. It’s a box for football boots that simulate a football stadium inside. Amazing!


#5 The Mini Washing Machine

Here’s a creative Japanese laundry soap that can captivate anyone and everyone with this brilliant packaging, inspired by a washing machine. It’s simple but very effective.


#6 Energy Drink

Calm down, guys! This is not a packet of blood – it’s just a marketing strategy created by an energy drink brand that decided to do something a little different with their advertising material. The whole idea is to make us think that, not only is it an energy drink, but it also renovates our blood. Crazy!


#7 Coca-Cola Cup

A lot of people around the world like to think that Coca-Cola tastes better in a glass bottle, right? Thinking about this, the Coca-Cola company decided to create this awesome cup that makes it look like there’s a Coke bottle inside. Cool stuff!


#8 Food?! No…

At first glance, it just looks like food packaging, right?! Negative. It’s just some creative shirts that used this crazy idea simply to grab the people’s attention. Somehow, we don’t know if we’d wear a shirt like this, though…

CreativePacks9 CreativePacks9-1 CreativePacks9-2 CreativePacks9-3

#9 The Fake Cheese

Here’s another packaging that plays with your sense of humour and makes you think that this simple sponge is a block of cheese. Whatever you do, don’t eat it!


#10 Six Feet Under Box Set

Here’s a DVD collection created for the series Six Feet Under that was designed to give you the idea that the box is buried in a cemetery, hence the name of the TV show. Brilliant!


#11 Fruit Lovers

This fruit jam company had the brilliant idea to create a packaging that re-creates real fruit. By doing so, it would essentially grab the attention of shoppers at the supermarket. We know we’d be attracted to this!

CreativePacks12 CreativePacks12-1

#12 Color Towels

This colorful towel company found the perfect way to advertise their towels in a great style. They decided to pack the towels in packaging that represented a box of pencils, and you know what? It looks fantastic.

CreativePacks13 CreativePacks13-1

#13 The Real Fruit Inside

Here’s a company that works with healthy food and sells fruit to their audience. They created this awesome packaging to store the fruit, and it’s so much better than typical run-of-the-mill fruit you see at the supermarket. We’d definitely buy it!


#14 Paper Boat Tea Bags

Here’s another creative tea company that design packaging to interact with their audience. In this case below, their teabags simulate little paper boats that float on top of the water as you wait for the tea to brew.


#15 Wine Bottle Inside

We all know that good wines are expensive, and because of this, it’s always a good option for a gift for a parent or special friend. Thinking about this, a winery created this wooden box as a unique packaging for their wine bottles. We love it!


#16 Coconut Water

What do you expect to find inside a coconut?! Some fresh coconut water, of course. Thinking about this, a company created this packaging that simulates a real coconut, and gives you the impression that there’s some pretty fresh water inside. Wow!


#17 Out Of Date

This amazing milk box has a very special characteristic. As it’s getting close to its use-by date, the box starts changing color from white to orange. This is perfect for those who end up throwing out a box of milk because they forgot when it was out-of-date.


#18 Waterproof Watch

This well known watch brand had the incredible idea to sell their watches inside a packet of water, simply to prove to their clients that the watches are extremely water proof. What a great marketing strategy!

CreativePacks19 CreativePacks19-1