The 18 Most Special & Powerful Hugs That Will Be Remembered Forever


There’s so many feelings and emotions that we can’t express in just a few simple words, which is why we choose to show our emotions sometimes through gestures, like a kiss or a hug. A hug is a gesture of affection that has the power to take away any bad feelings or sadness, and replace it with comfort, happiness, peace, and a sense of security. Here is a special and beautiful selection of the 18 most powerful hugs that will be remembered forever in the history of the world, and bring some peace to our busy hearts. Enjoy!

#1 Contemplating Freedom

A beautiful and emotive moment showing the journalist Euna Lee hugging her husband and daughter after two months held as a prisoner in North Korea.


#2 Back From War

Here’s another beautiful moment showing the American Sergeant Shane Faulkner hugging his twin brother, Shaw, after return from the war in Texas, United States.


#3 Hope

Two doctors walking amongst the ruins of buildings and houses destroyed by a powerful earthquake in China after more than 24 hours working and looking for survivors.


#4 My Buddy

Everyone knows that dogs are well known as a man’s best friend, and here’s another beautiful proof of it. An American soldier returns from war and in Afghanistan and bonds with her dog for a few special moments.


#5 The Little Kitten

A little girl hugging her cute kitten after saving him from death amongst the ruins of houses destroyed by a devastating earthquake in Indonesia.


#6 Double Hug

Kelly Johnston, the wife of an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, embraces two other officers at the funeral of her husband.


#7 A Little Bit Of Peace

A member of the rescue team trying to bring some peace and comfort through a hug with one of the survivors of a hurricane.


#8 Feeling Relief

A beautiful and glorious moment when a man holds the dog that saved him from the huge fire which destroyed his entire house and belongings.


#9 Victory

Two members of the US Paralympic basketball team celebrating their victory over the German team with a powerful hug.


#10 Survivors

This couple, who were victims of the devastating Hurricane Katrina, share an emotional hug on the roof of their home in Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana.


#11 Two Brothers

Another beautiful but sad moment in which two young brothers cry at their Dad’s funeral. He died fighting in Iraq.


#12 I’m Still Here

A worker hugging his sister and wife after surviving. the collapse of a concrete wall in Lima, Peru.


#13 The Glory Of The Freedom

Sigifredo Lopez, who was been kidnapped and held for seven years in the jungles of Colombia, runs to hug his brother after being released.


#14 A Hug For His Soul

Christina Jacobs is seen here with her lovely son, who decided to dress as a soldier to visit the grave of his Dad, Christopher James, who was killed in combat.


#15 Separated By Politics

A South Korean man embraces his older brother, who lives in North Korea. They have not seen each other since the separation of Korea, around 70 years ago. Note the difference in weight between the two brothers.


#16 A New Beginning

Kiru and Kalu, two beautiful abandoned dogs, are seen here in a shelter, about to be euthanized because nobody would take them in. This sad but beautiful hug in which they appear to be begging for mercy actually saved their lives. The photo was shared on Facebook, and just over two hours later, the two friends had found a home.


#17 Mother’s Love

Here’s another beautiful and powerful hug between a Mommy/soldier after returning from War and meeting her young daughter at the airport.


#18 Forever In His Memory

The father of one of the victims of the attack on September 11, on the tenth anniversary of the event, embraces the place where his son’s name is written.