18 Things All Broke People Dream of Blowing Their Money On


We get these little daydreams of winning the lottery and lashing out at the world with a platinum credit card, buying happiness wherever we go. We listed 18 things that we know we’d all do when we do strike it big, and no, we’re not psychic, but we know that you totally agree. So, we give you 18 of the things we’d all probably do and have if we were gazillionaires. Here we go!

1. Going shopping and laughing at price tags.

“MONEY IS NO OBJECT!”  *swipes card 500 times in one mall*


 2. All your clothes will be bought from a designer label. Wait, maybe all of them will come from a designer label.

“I wonder if I should wear my Armani, or Gucci, or Versace, or Chanel, or Kors today?”


 3. You’d have two walk-in closets, one for your clothes and one for your shoes.

“Oh, dammit, I walked into the wrong closet again.”


 4. Your drawers hold jewelry, not underwear.

It’s like you robbed a jewelry store ten times, but you didn’t because you are filthy rich.


 5. Lisa Vanderpump would be jealous of your walk-in closet.

“Honey, your closet has GOT to be a world record holder or something.”


 6. You have a glam squad around you, 24/7.

They’re so good, that when you sneeze, they pop out of nowhere to redo your hair.


 7. The combined worth of your luggage bags are more than the items stored in them.

Every Louis Vuitton bag you own is just for groceries.


 8. Traveling in first class.

AND you just renewed your Mile High Club membership *wink wink*


 9. Drivers

And just like in the movies, you can go to town on your date while your driver tries to drive your limo like a lowrider.


 10. A personal chef, of course.

I can finally afford Gordon Ramsey! Let’s see how he likes someone screaming at him this time.


 11. Getting to skip the seasons that suck.

Why freeze your but off in winter when you can just get on the pimpin’ private jet to freakin’ Bali?


 12. Getting so rich you have a regular spa dey schedule.

Gotta get dem skin cells toned, bruh.


13. You have a masseuse on speed dial 2.

“Ramon, hurry up, and get the coconut oil while you’re at it. Yeahhhh, that’s the ticket.”


14. Your holiday house looks like a goddamn Disney production.

You kinda start to wonder why your furniture isn’t singing and dancing yet.


 15. You get your gadgets delivered to your door ON RELEASE DAY.

“Oh, this? Yeah, just came in the mail like 2 minutes ago.”


 16. Your nails are so manicured, you put Sailor Moon to shame.

“Chicks dig it, bruh, stop being homophobic.”


 17. Your house would literally look like a magazine cover.

“Hey, nice furniture.”

“Thanks.” *rolls eyes*


 18. You sleep only on the finest thread counts in the market.

And there would be real feathers in your bed.