18 Things Only Real 5SOS Fans Know


If you listen to music at all, and lets be honest, we all do, you’ve probably heard of 5 Seconds of Summer, more commonly known as 5SOS. The Aussie band has taken the world by storm in the last year, attracting a massive fan base. Within the fan base, also known as the 5SOSFam, there are many inside jokes, references and things you must know if you’re a true fan. With that being said, here are 18 things only real 5SOS fans know.

1. The Breadstick Joke.


Inside the fandom, Luke frequently gets referred to as a breadstick, but that’s probably because he’s tall, skinny and blonde. After all, though, who doesn’t love breadsticks? Especially when they’re from Olive Garden.


2. Muke.

mukey kisses

Fans call the friendship or ‘bromance’ between Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings ‘Muke’. They were friends long before being in a band together and are probably the closest in the band because of it.


3. Lashton.


Lashton is the name for the friendship between Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin. No, it has nothing to do with eyelashes, we promise.


4. Cake.

Cake AF

Cake is the name for the friendship between Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings. It also has nothing to do with actual cake, though we’re sure they’re better than real cake any day.


5. Malum


Malum is the ship name for the friendship between Calum Hood and Michael Clifford. They’re close because they game together, and knew each other from school.



6. Cashton


Cashton is the ship name for Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. Next to Luke and Michael, they’re the closest and we’ve got to say, Cashton is definitely one of our favorites.


7. Mashton


Mashton stands for Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin. They’re pretty cute friends too, we’d have to say.


8. Daddy Ashton.

Dadyyyy ad

Ashton Irwin is the oldest in the band and frequently wears glasses, making him look a bit older than 20. Fans, however, refer to him as “Daddy Ashton”, because he is the oldest and because in fan fictions, many people describe him as having a daddy kink. It’s never been confirmed, but who would object?


9. The feels you get from ‘Amnesia’.

Amneisa MV

Amnesia has been a popular 5SOS song long before it was actually recorded or released. Written with the Madden brothers, this was one of the first hits off their debut album and most fans burst into tears every time they hear it. It really packs the feels with the melody and the sad lyrics.



10. Ripped skinny jeans and flannels.


Once you’re a fan of 5SOS, you’re probably going to start dressing like them and since their wardrobe staples consist of ripped skinny jeans (black only!) and flannel shirts, they’re going to become your staples as well.


11. Knowing when a photo was taken based on Michael’s hair color.


Michael Clifford is constantly changing his hair color, so if you can look at a picture and know when it was taken based on the color of his hair, you’re a super fan. It’s a hard thing for the rest of the world to keep up with.



12. Their moms’ names.

5SOS Moms

Only a true fan knows all of the 5SOS guys’ moms’ names. Luke’s mom is Liz, Ashton’s mom is Anne Marie, Michael’s mom is Karen and Calum’s mom is Joy. Any questions?


13. You also know their siblings.

Cal and Mal

You know Calum has a sister named Mali Koa.


Ashton has a sister named Lauren and a brother named Harry.

Hemmings fam

And Luke has two brothers named Ben and Jack. Michael is an only child.

14. Niall Horan is an honorary member of the band.


Niall Horan from One Direction initially found the boys doing One Direction covers on YouTube and got in touch with them, asking if they’d open for One Direction on tour. He also sometimes forgets what band he is actually a part of and is an honorary member of 5SOS.


15. You can find them, no matter where they’re at.

Starbucks bby

No matter where 5SOS is in the world, a true fan will be able to find them. Just tell them the city the boys are in and they’ll manage to track them down. It just comes down to having skills.


16. You remember Hemmo1996.


If you were a fan from the start, you remember back in the day when Luke would record covers on YouTube under the username ‘Hemmo1996’. Sometimes, he’d record with Michael, as well.


17. The iceberg joke.


You’ll always remember the interview when they asked the boys to give pickup lines and Michael said, “Lets play Titanic. You be iceberg and I’ll go downnnn”, which got a totally surprised look from Ashton.


18. Ashton used to work at KFC. Don’t get him started.

ashton kfc

Ashton is very proud of the fact that he had humble beginnings before the band and will talk about his previous job at KFC at any chance he is given. You probably don’t want to open that can of worms.