18 Times The Barber Understood You Better Than You Thought


It’s always hard to sit in the barber’s chair and choose a new haircut, right? Especially when we choose a specific hairstyle from a magazine – it doesn’t matter how hard we try to explain it, because the barbers never understand, and the results end up being really far from our expectations. If you don’t know what we are talking about, and your experiences at the barber’s have always been just fine, then you’ll feel very lucky indeed when you take a look at these pictures below. Here is a hilarious selection of 18 times the barber understood you better than you thought. Enjoy!

#1 Hell Style

What the hell was this insane barber thinking when he created this lovely haircut on Coolio’s head? We wonder if the guy actually paid for the barber to do this, and the sad part is that he probably did. Oh, dear…


#2 Big Surprise

Take this advice guys: don’t just walk into the first barber’s you see on the street without doing your research first. Many of them actually don’t have a single clue as to what they’re doing, and you could be left with some embarrassing surprises.


#3 Can I Speak To The Manager?!

Even the most famous celebrities aren’t safe from the big, bad scissors of weird barbers who are full of bizarre ideas. Just look at what someone did to poor Justin Bieber’s hair a few months ago. You better speak to a manager right now, Justin.CrazyBarbers1-1

#4 The Statue Of Liberty

Here’s a lovely and insane haircut for those who love New York City, and the infamous Statue of Liberty. But be warned: don’t complain if you get a lot of laughter as you’re passing people on the street. It’s sad, but not everyone understands what’s trendy and what isn’t.


#5 Biblical Hair Style

Moses wasn’t the only one who knew how to part things real good and real smooth. In fact, this amazing barber clearly understands Moses very well, as we can see in this delightful hairstyle.


#6 Jim Carrey

We could say that Jim Carrey isn’t the ideal model of the perfect haircut, but just in case you disagree and want your hair looking just like his, make sure you explain which movie you mean to the barber. Otherwise…


#7 WTF Hairstyle

Contrary to popular belief, many barbers need to have some serious scientific and mathematical skills if they want to master the trade. That particularly applies when the haircut you request looks a little something like this…


#8 Black Power

What the hell was this guy expecting when he asked for this super weird hairstyle? The barber took the whole black hair dye thing to an entirely different level.


#9 Explicit Content

Be careful of the words you use to explain your haircut to the barber, and always, ALWAYS, be nice to him. If you’re not, his revenge could look a little something like this…


#10 Mr. Sheep

When you don’t know how to explain the type of haircut you want correctly, the results could turn out really bad, and you may just end up looking like a rebel sheep for a few weeks. You don’t want that, right?!


#11 Grow Up

Your haircut says a lot about your personality, and it can also make you appear bigger than you really are. That’s exactly why you should choose your new look wisely.


#12 Kick Ass Hair Trend

We don’t see medieval haircuts like the ones below as often as we would in… well, Medieval times. But the fact is, how can the barber who made these poor guys look like this even sleep at night? How could someone do such a thing?! Prepare to be bullied for life, brethren.


#13 2003 Hair

Here’s another fashion trend from the 90’s and early 2000’s that would make you look awful in this day and age. That’s exactly why it’s probably best to leave the 90’s where it belongs, and never repeat the same fashion and hair mistakes.


#14 Money!

If you can’t get your mind off your money and your money off your mind, then this haircut is perfect for you. Oh, come, on buddy… what the hell are you doing with your life?!


#15 Twerk Haircut

In a world where twerking and big asses are becoming more of a trend by the day, why can’t our hairstyles correspond with it?!


#16 Gamers Are Gonna Love This

If you were a gamer in the 90’s, you’ll probably know what a cartridge is, right? Well, how about paying a beautiful homage to cartridges by cutting your hair in exactly the same style?


#17 Winter Style

Some barbers love to innovate and shock the fashion world with new trends, but sometimes their new trends can turn out to be a terrible mistake, and their poor victim may just end up looking like a frozen waterfall.


#18 Sh*ttest Haircut In The World

We don’t need to explain too much about this sh*t haircut, right?! What a stupid choice!