18 Times The Barber Understood You Better Than You Thought


It’s always hard to sit in the barber’s chair and choose a new haircut, right? Especially when we choose a specific hairstyle from a magazine – it doesn’t matter how hard we try to explain it, because the barbers never understand, and the results end up being really far from our expectations. If you don’t know what we are talking about, and your experiences at the barber’s have always been just fine, then you’ll feel very lucky indeed when you take a look at these pictures below. Here is a hilarious selection of 18 times the barber understood you better than you thought. Enjoy!

#1 Hell Style

What the hell was this insane barber thinking when he created this lovely haircut on Coolio’s head? We wonder if the guy actually paid for the barber to do this, and the sad part is that he probably did. Oh, dear…