18 Unbelievable Facts About Japan That Will Surprise You


Japan is one of the most unique places in the world, with a rich and important culture, good education and technology. Japan is also well known for its delicious and much appreciated cuisine, sushi, as well as martial arts, the powerful Samurais, and the stunning architecture. Another thing that always puts Japan on the news, in a bad way, is the problems there with earthquakes and natural disasters. However, the people there remain powerful when things like this happen, constantly re-building and starting their lives again, which is definitely something we admire. Here are some odd and crazy facts about Japan that will definitely surprise you. Prepare yourself!

#1 Bad Teeth

You probably didn’t know this, and this will definitely shock you, but having bad teeth is a trend amongst the young people in Japan. The more uneven and sharp, the better. They call it “yaeba”.