18 Ways to Know You’re Truly Lucky


Many people think they have a bad life, but the truth is that there is no such thing as a bad life. We’re all truly blessed to be alive, so its much better to chalk it up to having a bad day. In all honesty, many people do not know how lucky they really are because they never take time to look at all the things there are to be thankful for. On a day when you’re truly down and out, here is some food for thought.  Here are 18 ways to know you’re truly lucky.

1. You’re alive.


One thing many people forget about and take for advantage is the fact that they are alive. You wake up every morning, you have the ability to see, think, feel and experience and you have air that fill your lungs. That alone is something to be thankful for.


2. Sunrise and sunset.


You get to see two of the most beautiful things in nature whenever you want to. The sunrise and the sunset mark the dawning of a new day and the end of an old, proving that each day really is a clean  slate.