18 Worst Online Adverts That Failed Miserably


The internet is full to the brim of online advert and pop-ups every time we open a website’s homepage, and we can’t blame the sites, really, since the ads keep them running and allow them to post free content for everyone to see. However, sometimes, online ads don’t exactly go together very well with the content of the page, and creates some pretty uncomfortable situations for the readers. Here is a special selection of the 18 worst online adverts that appeared at the worst times possible. Enjoy!

 #1 Uber Advertisement

The guy in the mugshot below is a driver for Uber who tried to break into his passenger’s house after dropping her off at the airport, and just below his picture is an advertisement for the very same company. Um, slightly bad timing…


#2 Don’t Do It

Here’s a screen shot showing the Google results for the word ‘suicide’ and right on the side is an online advert from Nike and its infamous slogan which is “Just do it”. Don’t listen, kids! Suicide isn’t the answer. Don’t just do it.


#3 Toyota

Here’s a tragic news article talking about a teacher who was hit by a car outside the school he worked at, and popping up right over the text is an annoying ad of some guy with the word ‘Toyota’ on his shirt. Bad time to advertise your brand, guys.


#4 Medal Of Honor

Here’s an online screenshot of an online advert of the infamous war game “Medal of Honor” in the worst timing possible. Yep – a giant gun pointing to a baby’s head isn’t exactly the best way to sell copies of the game.


#5 New Puppy?!

Here’s another example showing an online advert popping up at the wrong time. For those who don’t know, Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in jail for running a “cruel and inhumane” dog-fighting ring.


#6 The Little Chef

Here’s a cooking tip that the little rat from Disney’s ‘Ratatouille’ will never give to our kids. Sprinkling weed over a lasagne isn’t exactly the best culinary idea in the world… And the ad is pretty inappropriate too, considering the situation!


#7 UPS

This news story is about human body parts accidentally being delivered to a home in Michigan when they were actually supposed to go to a medical research lab instead. And, right beside it is an online advertisement with the hilariously inappropriate slogan, “It’s UPS morning delivery”. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.


#8 Anatidaephobia

Here’s an online advertisement that proves your phobia isn’t as silly as people think. If you have a major anatidaephobia issue, perhaps you’re right – the ducks are even watching from your laptop screen!


#9 Bad Idea T-Shirts

This news story is about a tragic massacre in which 26 young people were killed in a school. And, on the right of the text is a really badly timed online ad by ‘Bad Idea T-Shirts’. Your company name is pretty accurate.


#10 Don’t Blame Jesus

This drawing which illustrates the article was clearly not made to blame Jesus, but some terrible coincidence occurred, and this is what ended up happening. Poor Jesus!


#11 No, Thanks!

How about a free dinner for two at the Olive Garden restaurant, guys?! Yep – it’s the very same restaurant that the article is talking about, because it made 250 of its customers sick after they ate there. Thanks, but no thanks!


#12 Why?!

Here’s just one more online advertisement with no knowledge of good timing at all. Yep, it’s directly to the right of a tragic article about a skydiver who lost his life doing what he enjoyed.


#13 Want To Grill Your Kids?!

It’s obvious that no one planned for this unfortunate online ad to appear on the same page as a news story of a sick couple who grilled their own child to death. But, if you read the story and decide you want to become a grilling expert, the link is right there for you to click.


#14 Samsung Blast!

Oh no, Samsung… it’s not really the time to tell us about your new product. A man might of died from his cell phone battery exploding in his shirt pocket, and all we can see is ‘Samsung BLAST’ right beside the story. Oh, no…


#15 Bad Shot

Here’s a good example of how to take a ‘bad shot’ in the marketing of your company. Well, the good part is that the gun is pointing to the killer’s head…


#16 Pork?!

I don’t know about you guys, but we’re pretty sure that the market for pulled pork sliders isn’t all that big in Jerusalem.


#17 Perfect Timed

The online advertisement here is perfectly timed, with both its graphics and its lesson about the stock market. Yep, they’re telling us that everything goes downhill eventually. At least this isn’t one more terribly timed advert to add to the long list!


#18 Burn Baby, Burn!

Check out the tragic title of this very unfortunate news story, and ask yourself if the online advertisement at the top of the page couldn’t of just waited a few minutes before it decided to appear. Inappropriate, or what?!