19 Ways To Be An Awesome Friend Even When You’re Busy


Life goes on, even when you’re super busy and don’t have time for the people you love most in life.  It can be so hard to catch up with friends who are busy living their own lives and you don’t see all the time.  But, there are always ways to let them know that you care and that you’re thinking about them.  They don’t even have to be difficult!  Here’s 19 ways to be an awesome friend even when you’re busy.

1. Text them random things about your friendship

Let them know how much their friendship means to you.  You can make them laugh or cry but just letting them know will mean a lot.

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2. Send a small memento

Small handwritten items are the best because they take thought and time.  Sending a postcard is a great way to bring a smile to a friend’s face.

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