19 Ways To Be An Awesome Friend Even When You’re Busy


Life goes on, even when you’re super busy and don’t have time for the people you love most in life.  It can be so hard to catch up with friends who are busy living their own lives and you don’t see all the time.  But, there are always ways to let them know that you care and that you’re thinking about them.  They don’t even have to be difficult!  Here’s 19 ways to be an awesome friend even when you’re busy.

1. Text them random things about your friendship

Let them know how much their friendship means to you.  You can make them laugh or cry but just letting them know will mean a lot.

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2. Send a small memento

Small handwritten items are the best because they take thought and time.  Sending a postcard is a great way to bring a smile to a friend’s face.

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3. Be kids again

Get them a small friendship token like you would wear when you were kids.  Whether it’s a friendship bracelet, a pizza heart necklace or matching clothes, this cheesy outward expression of friendship can tug on some heart-strings for real.

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4. Thank them for the little things they do for you

Friends help us out so much and sometimes we just take it for granted.  Thank them on purpose when they go out of their way for you.

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5. Give them a call

Sure, calling isn’t the best thing ever but it’s better than nothing.  Call them when you’re thinking of them or when you have some down time.

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6. Be silly together

Letting go of insecurities and acting funny together can help you to release some tension and laugh like crazy.  So, go ahead, be weird together.

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7. Don’t overshadow them

You don’t always have to one-up them when telling stories.  Sometimes, you can just let their stories be the winner.

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8. Give back borrowed things

It’s fine to borrow stuff back and forth…but make sure they get their things back.  Nobody likes a friend who takes stuff that isn’t theirs.

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9. Go with them to scary appointments

Do they have a doctor or dentist visit that they’re worried about?  Volunteer to go with and to hold their hand through it, if they need it.

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10. Get to know their significant others

If they start dating or bringing guys around, go ahead and get to know these guys.  It’ll help both of you more as the relationship either ends or progresses.

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11. Bring them stuff when they’re sick

Even if you ask them if they need anything, they’ll say no.  So, why not go get some stuff you know they need?  They’ll be happy, I promise.

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12. Make them playlists

Nothing says friendship like a bunch of awesome songs that make you think of them.

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13. Compliment her after something big

Even if it’s just one word, sending some love after a big day can make her self-esteem skyrocket.

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14. Send them silly memes

Memes are funny and especially when properly shared between two friends.  Make her laugh with a meme that suits her perfectly.

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15. Celebrate the little things

They got a bonus at work, they remembered something important or they just had a good day– it’s all a great reason to celebrate!

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16. Learn who people are in their life

Learn the names of their boss, coworkers, other friends, roommates and family members so you can listen to stories about them without stopping them to ask, “Who, who?” every five seconds.

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17. Remind her of the good times

This is what it’s like to laugh through life with your best friend.

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18. Know who a true friend is

Buy their favorite food so when they raid your fridge, they find the good stuff.

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19. Let them know when you’re thinking of them

Even just sending a little message can make you feel closer.

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