20 Celebrities Who Hate The Paparazzi


Celebrities are well known for not liking the paparazzi. They’re annoying, follow them everywhere and snap the most unflattering photos. However, some celebrities show more hatred toward them than others. Here are 20 celebrities who hate the paparazzi and have gotten violent. This is what happens when celebrities strike back.

1. Kanye West

Kanye West is well known for his hot temper and has gotten into altercations with the paparazzi many different times. Kanye has smashed paparazzi’s cameras, gotten verbally abusive with them and even was arrested by police for the incident. He has also gotten nasty when out with new wife, Kim Kardashian when she was asked if she wanted to congratulate ex, Reggie Bush, on his pregnancy with his new girlfriend. Kanye sounds like he will never change his ways.


2. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Dias seems sweet, but she has been known to get so fed up with the paparazzi that she snatched the camera right out of their hands. She has been known for getting rather annoyed by the photographers and told her fans she planned on moving to NYC to get away from them all together and maintain her privacy.