20 Crazy Tan Lines You Definitely Don’t Want


It’s just about that time of year again– when the sun is out, the sunscreen should be applied and wearing different things causes you to get some stellar tan lines.  But, not all tan lines are created equal.  Here are 20 crazy tan lines you definitely don’t want.

1. All those weird summer activity tan lines

Well…except computer programming.  That one isn’t really so bad. Our personal favorite are the life jacket tan lines from the water skier.


2. The runway is making tan lines look hot

So, apparently it’s in fashion to have a really terrible tan line.  Who knew, right?


3. Summer sport tan lines

All those high shorts give you the worst leg lines…


4. Worst sandal tan line of all time

It’s bad when your ankles make you look so tan, but, really your feet are grossly white.


5. This is why you don’t mess around with sunscreen

If you make someone angry and then trust that person to rub sunscreen lotion on your back, you might end up with something like this.


6. The leg brace suntan line

We really can’t figure out what else would cause such a strange line on your legs besides, like, a knee brace or something like that.


7. You know tan lines are in when even Hercules is sporting one

Hottie Hercules over here doesn’t mind showing off his funky tan lines. So, you shouldn’t either.


8. Well, this is just gross

Guys, take note.  If you’re trying to impress a girl, this is not the way to do it.


9. Whitest toes we’ve ever seen

When your feet are so white that they’re literally glowing, you know it’s time to take those shoes off and let your poor feet get some sun.


10. Shorts tan lines

These never look good with swimsuits.  Never.  You might as well swim in your shorts so no one has to see the white tops of your legs.


11. Brown top, white bottom

When your back gets nice and brown like that but your legs are still white…you should do something about that.


12. Sunscreen handprint

Kids, this is why we don’t mess around with sunscreen.  This is the terrible result.


13. The dreaded sunglasses tan line

When you have a line from wearing sunglasses and wife-beater, then you know that you are wearing those things way too often.


14. When you’re on the swim team but you also wear bikinis

This is a major problem for all those swim team gals out there!  Those tan lines are intense and embarrassing.


15. When you decide to wear a speedo after wearing trunks all summer

Two words for you: bad idea.


16. This is what they call a farmer’s tan

It’s also know as the Redneck special.  Actually, this is where the phrase ‘redneck’ comes from.  You can clearly see why…


17. The ‘accidental bra’ tan line

We really aren’t sure if it was an accident or if he likes to show off his pecs.


18. An unconventional way to say, “Go Longhorns!”

Most people don’t get a sunburn of a longhorn in their skin…but hey, you do whatever floats your boat.


19. Even Kim K gets bad tan lines

It sucks when the sun is harsh, your sunglasses are big, but your nose is oh-so ready to be fried.


20. All those strappy-piece bikinis are all the rage

But they also leave you with the weirdest tan lines ever ever ever…