20 Craziest, Weirdest World Records Ever!


When we speak of world records, the first thing that comes to mind is an astonishing feat performed by someone who, for years, trained to become the very best in that chosen field. That said person had devoted long periods of time and ruthless energy just so they could achieve what others can not. Comes 21st century, that definition of world record just flies out the window. Gone are the days when one needed excruciating days of training to achieve such stardom or recognition- often, you just need to have a creative mind to think of something others have not. Or, surpass just a ridiculous feat performed by someone from the past. These people have devoted their free time (in fact, too much) to achieve these great achievements, or crazy gimmicks if you prefer, in order to entertain and achieve these crazy, outright weird world records. Read on!

1. World’s Largest Onion

Grower Pete Glaze holds the record for the weird world record for having the world’s heaviest onion at 17 lbs 15.5 oz (8.150)