20 Creepiest Websites on The Internet


We all know that the internet is a goldmine of knowledge. But it can also be a dark and dismal place where you can find all kinds of weird and creepy stuff like the following websites we are about to show you.

From websites that are apparently preparing for the inevitable evacuation of Earth to pages that document the number of suicides from a certain bridge, we will show you 20 of the creepiest websites found all over the internet.


1. angels-heaven

A mix of New Age thinking and just plain craziness, a website that supposedly plans for the evacuation of earth alongside martians in a giant space ship.



2. Anneliese Michel Exorcism

This is the audioclip of the exorcism of Anneliese Michel as it was happening. You may want to keep your mouse pointer at the back button of your browser as this this recording is really horrifying.

Anneliese Michel Exorcism

3. Creepy Pasta

A goldmine of creepy stories. Popular creepy stories like the Slenderman and The Haunted Majora’s Mask Cartride have come from this website.


Creepy Pasta

4. Death and Birth

A pretty unnerving website that reminds you of your limited time on Earth. It features a world map that shows all deaths and births around the world as they happen. This website is updated every second.


Death and Birth

5. Death Date

This mysterious tool will give you the answer to the most important question of your life – when will your time come. A website that provides a precise date for your expiration. Nice.


Death Date

6. Death Row

This website offers you the transcripts of the final words of death row convicts. This isn’t just of famous inmates, but is continuously updated to include the words of those about to be executed.


Death Row

7. Divine Interventions

A religious themed sex shop (what). If you want to spice up your sex life without offending God then this is the place for you. They sell sex toys like the Virgin Mary Dildo and Holy Lube. Wow.


Divine Interventions

8. Dong Ghost

Arguably the scariest comic on the Internet. Definitely not for the lily-livered. You might think this is just a comic like any other, but you are wrong. Scroll down slowly and keep the sound on as you read this Korean comic that is based on an urban legend.


Dong Ghost

9. Hashima Island

Take a haunted trip through history and discover the secrets & myths hidden amongst Hashima Island’s mysterious, desolate landscape. Picture a rotting heap of buildings sitting out in the middle of the ocean, populated with derelict buildings. It’s so creepy, that you think it can’t be real.



10. Jones Town Death Tape

Another audioclip, but this time it is the recording of Jim jones and The Peoples Temple Cult as they are partaking in a truly shocking act of mass suicide. Trigger warning: You can hear women, children and even babies screaming.

Jones Town Death Tape

11. Maze Game

We really do not want to spoil the surprise on this one. Just make sure that somebody is recording you face while you play this nice game. And make sure that you have your volume up.

Play Scary Maze Game

Maze Game

12. News of Future

Like the title says, it is a website that offers news from the future. The content is based on how our society will be in the next 20 years if humanity continues on its course of destruction. It gets eerily not far-fetched the more you look into it.



13. Plane Crash Recordings

Not for the faint of heart. A website that where you can find transcripts and MP3 recordings of the final moments of plane crash victims. Fair warning, all of these are incredibly depressing. You probably shouldn’t read this if you ever want to take a flight without needing to ingest 10 Xanax.


Plane Crash Recordings

14. Rate My Poo

A website where you can upload a photo of your poo and have members rate it. WARNING: If you have a tendancy to barf at nastiness, don’t like poo, think it smells bad, or hate seeing other people’s poo, don’t click on the link.



Rate My Poo

15. Simulation Argument

A website that delves into the possibility that we are in fact living in a computer simulation like the movie The Matrix. This website’s argument has attracted a considerable amount of attention, among scientists and philosophers as well as in the media.


Simulation Argument

16. Skyway Bridge Jumpers

A website dedicated to documenting how many people have jumped to their death from the Skyway Bridge in Florida. Skyway Bridge is considered as the fourth most suicide-active bridge in the U.S.


Skyway Bridge Jumpers

17. Staggering Beauty

At first, this simple website just shows a worm-like creature that follows your mouse cursor. But when you move your mouse around rapidly, loud music suddenly blares, the worm lights up and all sorts of crazy colors flash in the background. It’s total chaos and it is strongly advised those who have epilepsy stay away from this website.


Staggering Beauty

18. The Dionaea House

A truly horrifying story, told through two guys mail conversation, about how a house that contains unbelievable scaryness. Although the story is several years old, it still remains one of the most haunting and shocking stories.


The Dionaea House

19. Time Cube

This creepy website features a giant wall of text referring to a conspiracy of some sort. Created by Gene Ray in 1997, this website also offers its own model of reality called Time Cube which argues that one Earth day is actually 4 days ocurring simultaneously.


Time Cube

20. /r/NoSleep

This subreddit features user-submitted ultra creepy stories that will surely give you what it promises: no sleep. Reddit’s r/nosleep specializes in a unique brand of horror. The subreddit’s writers want to torment you in your insomnia-addled midnight hours.


no sleep