20 Dogs Acting Like Total Jerks


Cats are usually the household pets that get a bad rep for being quite the mischievous jerks, but its a rare occasion when the dog gets the blame. It happens occasionally, though, and these dogs were caught in the act on camera. Here are 20 dogs acting like total jerks, making it look pretty good for the felines.


1. Just a taste?


This dog really just wanted to take a small taste of his feline friend. The cat, however, looks a bit less than pleased, as you can tell be the expression on his face. It’s safe to say this dog should definitely watch his back.


2. I know you really liked the pillow, but…


Dogs are notorious for tearing pillows apart and this dog did just that. Even if you did like that pillow and even if it was new, you better hope you saved the receipt. because this dog went a bit feather crazy.