20 Dogs Acting Like Total Jerks


Cats are usually the household pets that get a bad rep for being quite the mischievous jerks, but its a rare occasion when the dog gets the blame. It happens occasionally, though, and these dogs were caught in the act on camera. Here are 20 dogs acting like total jerks, making it look pretty good for the felines.


1. Just a taste?


This dog really just wanted to take a small taste of his feline friend. The cat, however, looks a bit less than pleased, as you can tell be the expression on his face. It’s safe to say this dog should definitely watch his back.


2. I know you really liked the pillow, but…


Dogs are notorious for tearing pillows apart and this dog did just that. Even if you did like that pillow and even if it was new, you better hope you saved the receipt. because this dog went a bit feather crazy.


3. What a nice place to rest.


If you need a place to sit or you just need a little boost to see what’s going on beyond the bench, thats what the cat is there for. This cat, however, doesn’t look too pleased with the dog, as can be determined from the rather disgusted look on her face. Sleep with one eye open, doggy.


4. You didn’t want me to sit on your face?


This is a dog that you just know walks all over his owner, quite literally. What better place to perch than on mommy’s face? Hopefully, this dog just had a bath, otherwise this could be a very unpleasant (and rather stinky!) experience.


5. The cat makes a great chair.


Even though the dog is much bigger than this cat, he’s still going to flop his butt on the cat as he takes a rest. The cat looks desperate to get up, but when you have a butt that big sitting on you and you’re a little overpowered, you just have to grin and bear it.


6. This is what I call extreme couponing.

Dog6This dog must have gotten sick and tired of his owners never being home, probably because there were so many great sales, so he took matters into his own hands and destroyed the coupons. Have fun shopping and saving now, mom. You’ll be too busy cleaning up my mess to make it to the store.


7. Thank you. I really needed a sit down.

PUBLISHED by catsmob.comEven if you were trying to exercise, you can think again. Watching you work out and doing push ups made this dog really tired, so he decided to have a sit down, on his owner’s head.


8. Kitty cushions are the best!

Dog8Even though the dog is taking a rest on the family cat, he looks a little disturbed. Perhaps the cat is just a little lumpy and not exactly the most comfortable place to sit. This should be kept in mind, next time, Mr. Pug.


9. Best chin rest EVER!

Dog9Sometimes, we all need a place to rest our head after a long, busy day and this dog found his chin rest with the cat. Sure, the cat has four legs and could get up, but when your head is this big and heavy, one can bet that cat stayed for the duration of the nap.


10. You said the kid needed to be under control.


Everyone likes to look out the window sometimes, especially when riding in the car. This dog apparently got so excited about going for a ride that he felt the need to use his best friend (who looks absolutely squashed) as a perch. It looks like only one of the dynamic duo had a good trip, and it wasn’t the human.



11. Hahaha, you’re stuck in there, kitty!

Dog 11

This dog shut the door in his feline friend’s face and seems to think it is absolutely hilarious. There is the poor cat, glaring daggers through the dog, while Fido is getting a good laugh out of it all. This kitty is clearly going to be planning revenge.


12. Just marking my territory…or kitty.

Dog 12

Everyone knows male dogs love to mark their territory. After all, it is so important to let other dogs know what is rightfully yours, so marking the cat is acceptable as well, right? Even if you don’t like the cat, it’s still yours.

13. The laptop wasn’t working anyhow…

Dog 13

This little guy was absolutely certain that he heard you say the laptop wasn’t working, so he decided to tinkle on it to see if it helped. If not, it was headed for the landfill anyhow. No harm done here, right?


14. I got the door down, mom. I’m proud of the job I did. Aren’t you?

Dog 14

One should be able to tell from the proud look on this pooch’s face that he’s pretty proud of the job he did tearing down the door. His owners on the other hand will be less than pleased by the mess they have to clean up and the money they need to spend for a new door. Someone won’t be getting treats for a very long time.


15. Every girl loves shoes.

Dog 16

Every girl loves her shoe collection and this cute little dog is no exception to that statement. She just seems to like chewing them more than wearing them. That favorite pair of your pumps is now her favorite chew toy.


16. I never liked this wallpaper, anyhow.

Dog 15

Time to call a professional in to get the house wallpapered. This dog clearly hated the floral wallpaper in the hallway and decided to take matters into her own hands or teeth and paws, rather. Have fun dealing with this mess, mom.


17. Cereal, anyone?

Dog 17

This small, yet mighty Boston Terrier really wanted some Cinnamon Toast Crunch but was not able to get the box open, so he opened every other kind of cereal and dumped it on the floor. It’s just a good thing he didn’t decide to get out the milk, right?


18. This is what I call a peep hole.

Dog 18

Most people have peep holes installed in their doors so they can see who is knocking or ringing the door bell. This dog didn’t like being shut up in a room, so he made his own peep hole so he can be in the know all the time.


19. I thought this was the doggy spa.

Dog 19

Some dogs love baths, while others hate them. This pooch, however, must have really wanted one and when mom and dad didn’t give him one promptly enough, he decided to take one on his own… in the toilet. Now he really needs a bath, and you better hope that water was clean.


20. Just making sure this meat was fresh!

Dog 20

This dog just wanted to be sure his owners weren’t about to eat steak that wasn’t fresh, so he climbed in the refrigerator to do his own taste test. The good news is that the meat is indeed fresh. The bad news? You probably don’t want to eat it now.