These 20 Famous Photographs Are Guaranteed To Stir Your Emotions


Photography is undoubtedly one of the most powerful artistic expressions in the world. It has the power to capture moments forever and create several feelings and sensations in each one of us. What makes a photographer an artist is his/her ability to click a picture at the perfect moment. They see what others don’t see, and in just a simple second, can document something beautiful. Some pictures create a mixture of emotions inside us, such as anger, revolt, and even sadness. Others, on the other hand, can bring us peace, comfort, love, and hope, in this big wild world of ours. Here’s a selection of the 20 most famous pictures with these feelings. They’ll move you emotionally, and make you believe in life again. Enjoy!

#1 The Palestinian Boy

This is the reaction of a Palestinian child who returned from school to find his house being demolished by the state, even though they didn’t hold a license to do so. The picture was taken in 2013 in Jerusalem.