20 Fun Trends for Summer


Now that summer is finally here, it is time to ditch the cold weather clothes and bring out everything you wear in the heat. Of course, with each new season comes new trends and some are much hotter than others. If you want to look in style, here are 20 fun trends for summer that you should definitely try.

1. Strappy Bralettes


This summer is all about those open back tops with the strappy bralettes, and thankfully, many stores are selling the perfect combination. Of course, you can wear strappy bralettes under other tops as well, and some people even choose to wear them alone with high-waisted shorts. Ultimately, the choice is up to you, but bralettes will definitely keep you cool and have you looking just as cool.



2. Color Block Bikinis

Color Block Itsy

Summer is definitely bikini season and there are tons of hot bikinis out there for you to wear, whether you’re heading to the pool or the beach. One of the most popular styles this summer, however, is definitely the color block bikini. You can get nearly any color combination and you can buy color block bikinis in bandeaus, triangles and push-ups alike, so there is something for everyone.


3. High Waisted Cut-Off Shorts

Cut Offs

High waisted shorts have been a thing for a few years now, but this year, many celebrities attending Coachella started something new with high waisted cut off shorts, and we think they look absolutely great. There are many ways for you to dress them up or play them down, but they show off plenty of leg, which is especially great if you already have an awesome tan. These are also great to wear with a cute crop top.


4. Crochet Crop Top

Crochet Crop

Because high waisted shorts are so popular this season, so are crop tops. One trend that is definitely hot in major retailers is crocheted crop tops. These tops look beachy and will keep you cool all summer long. Plus, they just look really cute and effortless and you can get them in a variety of colors.

5. Flatform Shoes


Flatform shoes were very popular a few decades back and then they died out, but this summer, they have definitely made their comeback. You can see flatforms in almost every store you go into and everyone with good fashion sense is wearing them. Why? Because they look great with any outfit and they’re comfortable. Who needs a reason beyond that?


6. Crocheted Shorts

Tie Shorts

Crochet shorts are another hot trend this summer because they’re cool, loose-fitting and comfortable. They also give a boho chic feel to any outfit and can be worn for a day at the beach or a night on the town. They also work well over swimsuits and come in a wide variety of styles and colors.


7. Skater Skirts and Bustiers


If you are going out on the town, on a date or just want to look feminine this summer, opting to wear a skater skirt with a bustier is always a great idea. You can mix colors and patterns, dress it up or down and wear it with any kind of shoes. You’ll also be cool and comfortable while looking classy and fashionable. It’s a match made in heaven.


8. Daisies


Daisies have been a popular trend for a while now, but are still going hard this summer. You can find tons of clothes and accessories with daisies on them, and they look both feminine and carefree.


9. Pattered Rompers


While rompers are a little impractical, they seem to be very popular in the fashion world because they look cool and rather bohemian. You can find many different styles and some even have adorable embellishments, like pom pom balls. Paired with some gladiator sandals, rompers are the perfect summer go-to outfit.


10. Kimonos


Kimonos are a great way for you to add some feminine flair to your outfit while still keeping yourself cool and comfortable. There are many gorgeous styles of kimonos available, so you can find one in a solid color or even a beautiful floral and with a touch of fringe, you’ll be looking hippie-chic all summer long.


11. Druzy Jewelry


Druzy earrings and other types of jewelry are highly popular this summer and its not surprising at all. Druzy jewelry is gorgeous and can add a fun pop of color to any outfit that you’re wearing. Plus, its unusual, so you’ll have some unique earrings for all of your friends to envy.


12. Gladiator Sandals


Gladiator sandals have been a thing for a few years now, but this year marked a huge comeback for the lace up shoes. You can get flat gladiator sandals, heeled gladiator sandals and even wedge gladiator sandals. The great thing is, no matter what you’re wearing, you can rock these shoes. They’re comfortable and stylish all at once.


13. Tied Flannels

Tied Flannel

Since it’s summer, you’re probably not going to be getting cold at all, but that isn’t stopping girls from tying their flannels around their waist, especially with shorts. For some reason, this punk rock look has caught on and everyone is doing it, so you might as well go with the flow and tie yours around your waist, too.

15. Utility Jackets

Utility Jacket

Even though the summer days are hot, the nights tend to cool off quite a bit, especially depending on where you live. However, with these cute utility jackets, you can still rock your crop top and shorts and be warm and stylish. There are many variations and colors of utility jackets available, but summer seems to be a hot season for olive green and you can even pick up some cute ones with lace detailing. These jackets are also great for fall, so it’s like an investment piece in your closet.


16. Fringe Skirts

Fringe Skirt

Fringe skirts are another hot trend this summer, but they also look really cool and are great to wear if you are going for a night out on the town or if you’re attending a music festival because they are easy enough to dress up or dress down. You can get fringe mini skirts as well as long skirts and they’ll be cool and comfortable in the hot weather. These skirts are perfect to wear with a favorite crop top and some combat boots for an edgy look.


17. Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

Even though the days are hot, you still want your feet to be looking cool, and ankle boots are a great way to maintain that look. You can wear ankle boots with literally anything from shorts to a skirt or a dress and even with jeans. The great thing is that these boots are great to wear all year round, so you won’t have to put them away when summer is over.


18. Waffle Knit Cardigans

waffle knit

Much like the utility jacket, the waffle knit cardigan will be your best friend during those chilly summer nights when you’re sitting around the bonfire. These cardigans bring the perfect amount of style combined with comfort. Plus, they’re also great for fall!


19. Open Back Shirts

Open Back

Strappy back bras are huge this summer, so you need something to wear them with, right? That’s why open back shirts are such a popular choice. These shirts allow you to show off those cute bra tops and stay cool and comfortable whether you’re at the mall or on the beach. With a variety of styles and colors, you can wear a different open back shirt every day!


20. Body Con Skirts

Body Con

Body con skirts are popular all year round, but it is definitely warm enough for them this summer season. There are many styles and prints available and they look awesome with some sandals and a crop top. You can wear them for a night out, a concert or even to the mall and you will be rocking it.