20 Hot Celebs Who Used to Be the Ugly Duckling


Just because a celebrity is hot now does not mean that they always were so good looking. Some celebrities make drastic transformations over the years, sometimes with the help of plastic surgery. You would be surprised at how a former ugly duckling can turn into a beautiful swan. Here are 20 hot celebs who used to be the ugly duckling, or in nicer terms, significantly less attractive than they are now.

1. Kylie Jenner


Its not that Kylie was ever really that ugly, but she used to look more natural than she does now. Today, she’s turned into a completely glamorous young woman, complete with arched brows and overly plump lips. Kylie is growing up quite beautifully.


2. Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande used to look like a little girl and rock the 50’s pin up look to go right along with her innocence. Today, she’s the essence of Hollywood glamour with her long, flowing locks and minimal makeup. No matter what she does or wears, she still looks great.