20 Hot Celebs Who Used to Be the Ugly Duckling


Just because a celebrity is hot now does not mean that they always were so good looking. Some celebrities make drastic transformations over the years, sometimes with the help of plastic surgery. You would be surprised at how a former ugly duckling can turn into a beautiful swan. Here are 20 hot celebs who used to be the ugly duckling, or in nicer terms, significantly less attractive than they are now.

1. Kylie Jenner


Its not that Kylie was ever really that ugly, but she used to look more natural than she does now. Today, she’s turned into a completely glamorous young woman, complete with arched brows and overly plump lips. Kylie is growing up quite beautifully.


2. Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande used to look like a little girl and rock the 50’s pin up look to go right along with her innocence. Today, she’s the essence of Hollywood glamour with her long, flowing locks and minimal makeup. No matter what she does or wears, she still looks great.


3. Megan Fox


Believe it or not, Megan Fox used to get called ugly and was bullied for the way she looks. We bet the people who were behind all the taunting feel pretty stupid now, looking at how gorgeous she is. With the right makeup and hairstyle, she’s transformed into a gorgeous woman.


4. Celine Dion


Lets be honest. When Celine Dion was younger, she really was an ugly duckling, but today, she’s left all of that behind, ditching the dark, curly afro for long, flowing blonde locks. Her thin lips are now a bit plumper and she has a gorgeous smile. It just goes to show what aging and of course a lot of money can do for you.


5. Kelly Osbourne


Kelly Osbourne used to be quite heavy and was very self-conscious of the way she looked. Today, she’s dropped some serious weight, dyes her hair lavender and wears crazy makeup, but all of those things suit her well. She is looking better than ever.



6. Rashida Jones


Rashida Jones was a former ugly duckling, complete with horrendous freckles, terrible hair and a serious lack of makeup skills. Today, she’s got gorgeous, flowing hair, a clear complexion and makeup that is always on point.

7. Blake Lively


When Blake Lively was younger, she was pretty plain, but not exactly ugly. Unhappy with her natural looks, however, she had a nose job done to make the bridge of her nose slimmer, as well as veneers put on her teeth. She’s transformed into a complete beauty now and is a fashion icon for many.

8. Zac Efron


When Zac Efron first rose to fame as Cameron Bale on Summerland back in the day, he wasn’t nearly as attractive as he is now. He had  a blotchy complexion as well as a rather large gap in his teeth. After getting his face cleared up and the gap in his teeth fixed, he is now a sex symbol.


9. Evan Peters

Evan Peters

Lets take a moment to appreciate the fact that Evan Peters, star of American Horror Story, has really transitioned into quite the handsome young man. Back in the day, he was quite nerdy and fit the role he played on Disney’s Phil of the Future quite well. We like Evan today a lot better with his blonde, curly locks and beautiful green eyes.


10. Khloe Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian has always received quite a bit of negativity. She used to be quite heavy and had an uneven skin tone, as well as choppy extensions. Today, she’s got her hair all fixed up the right way with great extensions, evened out her skin tone and works out to have a fit, yet curvy body.

11. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift may be pretty now, but in her younger years, she was definitely quite the ugly duckling with nearly non-existent eyebrows, frizzy hair and teeth that were not perfect. Today, her smile is perfect, her hair is sleek and shiny and her eyebrows are perfectly filled in.



12. Avril Lavigne


Avril Lavigne is the princess of punk rock now but back in the day, she wasn’t always as attractive as she is today. Just like a normal high school nerd, Avril had glasses and a less than perfect smile. Today, she still rocks the nerd glasses, but she’s completely gorgeous with long, flowing hair, a beautiful smile and a red hot career.


13. Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore is now a beaming Hollywood beauty, but not that long ago, she was just a normal kid who didn’t ever look like she’d be in movies. Her smile wasn’t perfect, her complexion was blotchy and lets be honest, she was just dorky. Today she’s gone from dorky to absolute stunner.


14. J.Lo


JLo is well known today for being gorgeous, being a great singer and having a great body. When she was little, however, she was just a basic little girl, with braids, and basic features. Growing up really changed her for the better, proving puberty can hit anyone pretty hard.


15. George Clooney


Today, George Clooney is a hottie with women, both young and old lusting after him, but as a teen, he wasn’t too cute. He had a lousy hair cut and oversized glasses. He is one star who definitely made a transformation from ugly duckling into a handsome man.


16. Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham is definitely posh now, but not so many years ago, she wasn’t. In fact, she looked like every other school girl with mousey hair, a less than perfect smile and tacky clothes. Today, she is the epitome of fashion, with perfect hair, makeup and a body most women would kill for.  It really goes to show what a few years can do for you.



17. Lil Jon


Lil Jon was pretty unfortunate in the looks department when he was in school. His lips looked a bit too big for his face, he had huge glasses and lets be honest, he looked a bit like a deer in the headlights. Thankfully, he got it all sorted out and looks great and proportionate today.


18. Ryan Seacrest


Ryan Seacrest has women pining over him all the time now, but everyone knows that wasn’t the case a few years back, especially when he was in high school. Ryan was chubby, had terrible hair, glasses and braces. All of those things thankfully transformed him into the hottie he is today.



19. Sarah Jessica Parker


Sarah Jessica Parker is gorgeous today. She’s got a great career and has blossomed so beautifully, but in the past, she wasn’t as stunning. She had frizzy hair and huge glasses and she didn’t wear makeup. Thankfully, she made a great transformation because the past Sarah was just embarrassing.


20. Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey is definitely gorgeous now and many women would kill to look exactly like her, with a slamming body and gorgeous face, but whens he was younger, Mariah was much less glamorous. Sure, she wasn’t downright hideous, but she was pretty basic and she didn’t wear the stunning makeup she wears now.