20 Poses Everyone Will Instantly Recognize


We know you do these too, so you can stop saying you don’t.  Though we humans may look very different from one another, our actions are not so different.  In certain situations, we all do the same things.  Here are 20 poses everyone will instantly recognize.

1. What every person doesn’t when they need to make a call but they don’t have any bars

I mean, the phone gods are always listening, right?


2. Because it’s easy to get sidetracked when you’ve got so much to do

I’d much rather lie in this bed and just think than get out of bed and think harder.


3. Don’t deny that you do this

We know you do.  The only bummer is when you’re at work so you really can’t sneak out and get your phone….


4. Ouch– move out the way!

The only difference between me and this photo is that I’m naked when I do this pose in the shower.


5. Tee hee hee…it tickles!

You can’t help but try to shield your neck when it gets touched or tickled.  It’s a sensitive spot!


6. Stubbing your toe on your dresser is the worst thing that could possibly happen.

Stumbling your way to your bed in the dark can be so hard.


7. You’ll do practically anything, while remaining in your seat, to get that pencil back

Including leaning over and almost falling over backwards, just to pick up your pencil.


8. “What, I did what at that party??”

It can be difficult to relive dark moments, especially when we have zero recollection of those moments.


9. It’s always cold in the middle

Dumb microwave…you have one job, ok?


10. I’m free, I’m free!

Let’s all go out and celebrate…oh wait, I actually just want to stay home in my pajamas and watch Netflix.


11. Yeah, thanks buddy

Thank you for all the undue stress and possible danger you just placed us in.


12. Best. Feeling. Ever

Put your hands up– you get to sleep some more! Wooooooooo!


13. It’s back to ancient days for me

I guess I’ll go churn butter because I have nothing else to do when all the data is gone.


14. You know, jus chillin before you gots to go

This is time when you are mentally preparing for your night and getting your game face on.  Like literally.


15. Yikes

This is never a good thing.  Facebook wasn’t around then–and for good reason.


16. You will get sprayed in the face

It just depends how much.  Be sure to turn the water pressure down so you don’t wind up soaked.


17. Yeah…I’ll just move my legs out of the way

You’re practically climbing over the back of the seat so people can get past you.


18. Well, hello my friend, here we meet again

Yeah, because this isn’t weird or anything.  But all of a sudden, they get really awkward and busy and avoid looking in your direction whatsoever.


19. I’ve got my happy face on

But I’m really just done inside today.


20. All that time that you weren’t even using your phone…wasted

How will you ever get through the day with your phone not charged?!?