20 Predictions That Actually Came True


Since time immemorial, people have always been fascinated by predictions. It gives us some sort of security and also a little excitement to be aware of what the future holds for us. We try to look everywhere for the future and turn to anyone, from charlatans like fortune tellers to prophets like Nostradamus, hoping to be given a glimpse of what awaits us.

Although it is never wise to rely on predictions, as they are almost always inaccurate in their interpretation of what is to come, there were times when some people accurately predicted the future. What is even more amazing is that most of these predictions were not done by prophets who rely on the supernatural but by intellectuals who rely on science.

1. Robert Boyle predicted organ transplantation.

In the 1660s, Robert Boyle foresaw that diseases would be cured by replacing unhealthy organs with healthy ones. A really impressive prediction considering that this man lived in an era dominated by magic and superstition.


2. Ezra Stiles predicted the population growth of the United States.

Ezra Stiles, while serving as the president of Yale University in 1783, correctly predicted that the United State’s population would reach 300 million in the next two centuries. His prediction was based on his analysis of the population growth of Europe.