20 Ridiculous News Caption Fails That Will Make You Laugh


Oh, local news.  Sometimes they get it right…but sometimes, they get it oh-so-wrong.  It’s not usually their fault– we know they have tight deadlines to make and errors happen all the time.  It’s just that some mistakes are so much funnier than other ones.  Here are 20 ridiculous news caption fails that will make you laugh.

1. This girl is single

Well, thank you for pointing that out.  Now, we’re wondering if there are specific reasons why she’s single…like maybe the Confederate flag bedspread in the background??


2. Took picture of naked guy

Apparently a naked guy was running around in the street and this guy decided to take a photo of him.  I mean, what else do you do when you see a naked person running around?


3. Sign bandit

It appears that someone with a sense of humor has changed the stop sign to a poop sign.  Pretty clever.  Almost as clever as that reporter standing in front of the poop sign. 


4. Stabbing someone while getting your hair cut…

Well, that’s a new one.  It looks like his barber didn’t have time to finish the job before the cops came and took him away.  That’s one heck of a mug shot. 


5. Erotic boutique owner

This lady looks like she could use a few of the products that she’s selling to get that crazy look out of her eyes.


6. “thurd grader”

Clearly, the I and U buttons on the keyboard are right next to each other and someone messed up…but this is still embarrassing nonetheless.


7. Inappropriate caption

If you’re from Maine, you know the abbreviated version of the state letters are ME.  If you’re not from Maine, then this caption appears to be very inappropriate.  Still, the writer should have thought this one through a bit more.


8. Forced to change shirt

Well, now you’ve got us all curious.  What was wrong with his first shirt?


9. World War 11

There have not been eleven world wars.  But there have been two, which are sometimes abbreviated with two capital II’s.  This person used the one key…making it look like an 11.


10. Not wearing any pants

She’s got a scarf and coat on…so why not any pants?!?


11. Cool kid

Oh good thing they interviewed a cool kid.  I just don’t know what we would do if they interviewed a nerdy one.


12. Cheetos attack

Seriously?? Slow news day, huh?


13. Education or educataion?

When speaking about education, we should probably be sure to spell it correctly.


14. Fire destroyed by home

They got it backwards…we’re pretty sure they mean that a fire destroyed a home or that a home was destroyed by fire.


15. Longest spelling bee

Ironic to be talking about a spelling bee and not being able to spell it properly…


16. Man killed to death

Well, he wouldn’t die any other way would he?  This is ridiculously vague.


17. Nothing happening in news

Well, hey, at least they’re being honest about it!


18. Outrage impacting users on almost every planet

We didn’t know aliens on mars used Blackberrys.  Now we know.


19. Pot now officially legal

And this guy took a hit first, if you couldn’t tell.


20. Posed for Playboy

We have a feeling that this caption was meant for someone else.