20 Signs That You’re Addicted to Dunkin’


If you live on the East Coast or in select other areas of the United States, you’ve probably been to a Dunkin’ Donuts, more commonly referred to as Dunkin’ a few times… Okay, a lot! After all, their slogan clearly states, “America Runs on Dunkin”, and for those who don’t frequent Starbucks, this is completely true. You’re probably completely addicted to Dunkin’ but you’re in denial. If you are, here are 20 signs that you are addicted to Dunkin’ to help you out of the denial stage.

1. It’s your first stop in the morning.


Before you go to work or do anything for that matter, including possibly getting out of your pajamas, you head to the Dunkin’ drive through to get your early morning fix. Of course, you need it to get your day started. It’s your ‘wake up call’, if you will.


2. Your day feels off without Dunkin’.



When you don’t get Dunkin’ in the morning because you’re running so behind, your whole day feels completely off and utterly miserable. You so looked forward to that yummy iced coffee to drink on the way to work and without it, your day has no sunshine. Well, not until lunch break, however, when you plan to make a Dunkin’ run.


3. The workers know your order.



When you go to Dunkin’, you don’t even have to place your order. There is a good chance the workers are so familiar with your car coming through the drive-thru that they just begin making your drink when they see you pull in. You’re also on a first name basis with them because you are such a frequent visitor.


4. You plan around stopping at Dunkin’.


When you are going somewhere, you specifically plan your trip around stopping at Dunkin’ because it is just that important. You’ll even map out all the Dunkin’ Donuts locations on the way to your destination just in case you feel the need to stop more than once.


5. Dunkin’ is the cause of breakdowns.


If you can’t get your Dunkin’ fix during the day, you are going to have a mental breakdown. This guy was clearly having his in the middle of the store, but was close to getting his hands on his beverage, so we are pretty sure the breakdown was happy tears.


6. You’ve given Dunkin’ its own nickname.


Dunkin’ Donuts has their own nickname in your book, just like an old friend. You may find yourself referring to your favorite coffee joint as just Dunkin’, Dunks, DD or whatever else you may have dreamed up.


7. Everyone knows DD is a great way to make you happy.

I love Dunkin

Everyone who really knows you just knows how much you love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and how happy it makes you so when they’re looking for a way to make you happy or cheer you up, they’ll get you some with no questions asked.


8. You don’t cheat with Starbucks.

No Starbucks

Once you’re set on Dunkin’, that is it for you. You will never, ever cheat on Dunkin’ with Starbucks and you won’t let your friends do it either. That’s just as bad, if not worse, as dating your best friend’s ex. Not happening.


9. Everything from Dunkin’ is just better.

DD Smile

You just know that everything is better from Dunkin’. This means the breakfast sandwiches, the pastries, the coffee, literally everything is so much better than it is at Starbucks. Bar none.


10. Your car is like a DD shrine.


You have so many cups from Dunkin’ in your car that it is kind of ridiculous. They are occupying your every cup holder and your friends probably all think you’re starting a Dunkin’ shrine. Maybe… you are?


11. You probably have a blinged out Dunkin’ mug.


If you’re a serious coffee drinker and you love Dunkin’, lets face it. You’ve gone all out on your coffee mug. Its blinged out and no one can misplace it and everyone knows it is yours.


12. You use their slogan to talk about yourself.

Runs on

At some point in time, you have used the Dunkin’ slogan, “America runs on Dunkin’”, but said your name instead of America. Its true, you probably can’t get your get up and go without a cup of Dunkin’ joe.


13. You take Dunkin’ everywhere with you.

Take Dunkin

No matter where you go, you always have your cup of Dunkin’ with you and everyone knows and expects you to bring it. Even if you are going out for a hair appointment, you’ve got to have your coffee with you.


14. You only have Dunkin’ K Cups.


You have a Keurig coffee machine, but the only thing you have for it are Dunkin’ K Cups. You have to have them in case, for some odd reason, you can’t make it out to get your coffee. You can make it at home!


15. You live for Dunkin’ promos.


When Dunkin’ has 99 cent iced coffee, you are in heaven and you’re there getting your fix more than usual because it’s on sale and you can totally justify spending the money. It is like getting two coffees for the price of one!


16. You have a Dunkin’ ornament on your Christmas tree.


You love Dunkin’ so much that your Christmas tree just could not be complete without an ornament from your favorite donut shop. Perhaps you have a coffee cup or a donut but maybe you have multiple Dunkin’ ornaments to make your love even more obvious.


17. Dunkin’ hot chocolate really hits the spot when it’s cold out.


When it is cold outside, there is nothing that warms you up inside quite as well as a hot chocolate from Dunkin’. With all the yummy flavors, including the mint hot chocolate, you can’t ever get tired of the warm, chocolatey goodness.


18. In the summer, you can’t get enough of the iced coffee flavors.

Coffee flavors

Dunkin’ always gets the best seasonal flavors in the summer and you enjoy all of them in your iced coffee. You always look forward to the yummy ice cream flavored coffees, like mint chocolate chip, rocky road and even the butter pecan, especially on a hot and humid day.


19. You have the coffee prices memorized.


When you go to Dunkin’, you already know how much your coffee is going to cost you. You probably have your money portioned out so you don’t have to count it out at the drive-thru. It just makes it that much easier.


20. You miss Dunkin’ when you’re not on the East Coast.

Dunkin Shops

When you’re not on the East Coast, you realize just how much you miss Dunkin’ when you don’t have one right down the road from you. Then you are forced to hit up the competition for a coffee and who wants to do that?