20 Signs That You’re Addicted to Dunkin’


If you live on the East Coast or in select other areas of the United States, you’ve probably been to a Dunkin’ Donuts, more commonly referred to as Dunkin’ a few times… Okay, a lot! After all, their slogan clearly states, “America Runs on Dunkin”, and for those who don’t frequent Starbucks, this is completely true. You’re probably completely addicted to Dunkin’ but you’re in denial. If you are, here are 20 signs that you are addicted to Dunkin’ to help you out of the denial stage.

1. It’s your first stop in the morning.


Before you go to work or do anything for that matter, including possibly getting out of your pajamas, you head to the Dunkin’ drive through to get your early morning fix. Of course, you need it to get your day started. It’s your ‘wake up call’, if you will.


2. Your day feels off without Dunkin’.



When you don’t get Dunkin’ in the morning because you’re running so behind, your whole day feels completely off and utterly miserable. You so looked forward to that yummy iced coffee to drink on the way to work and without it, your day has no sunshine. Well, not until lunch break, however, when you plan to make a Dunkin’ run.


3. The workers know your order.



When you go to Dunkin’, you don’t even have to place your order. There is a good chance the workers are so familiar with your car coming through the drive-thru that they just begin making your drink when they see you pull in. You’re also on a first name basis with them because you are such a frequent visitor.