20 Things all 2000’s kids did on their PCs


The 00’s were a fun time; the advent of the 21st century, everyone growing up had a computer and internet connection at home. The result of growing up on the internet? Well, just look around you. So here’s 20 things all 2000’s kids did on their PCs and let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember the times when we…


1. Found the cheat that removed the pixel effect on our naked Sims.

1 (Naked Sims)


2. Made up for the loneliness of not having a pet with Dogz (or Catz if you were a girl.)

2 (Dogz and Catz)

3. Flirted awkwardly on MSN



4. Flirted intensely on SmarterChild

4 (SmarterChild)


5. Spent hours upon hours on Neopets.

5 (Neopets)


6. Made sure to cheat on every Age of Empires skirmish you do.

6 (Age of Empires)


7. Create beautifully abstract digital art on paint.

7 (Abstract Paint)


8. y0Ur3 c00l iF u H4d 4 Us3rn4m3 l1k3 d1$!

8 (Pimp-ass usernames)


9. We laughed, cried, and shared when Charlie bit his finger.

9 (Charlie Bit My Finger)


10. Discovered Wikipedia. Became a genius.

10 (Wikipedia)


11. Fiddled with the webcam to take that perfect shot

11 (Webcams)


12. Choosing which WordArt to use for your essay was one of the biggest decisions you’ve ever made.

12 (WordArt)


13. Choosing which ClipArt to use for your essay was the second biggest decision you’ve ever made.

13 (ClipArt)


14. Played Minesweeper even though you had no idea what you were doing 99% of the time.

14 (Minesweeper)


15. AskJeeves did your homework for you.

15 (AskJeeves)


16. All your music came from LimeWire and it made you really happy.

16 (LimeWire)


17. Then you’d burn all those pirated songs into CDs for everyone to share.

17 (Mix CDs)


18. Roller Coaster Tycoon turned you into a sociopath.

18 (Roller Coaster Tycoon)


19. This guy was an asshole.

19 (Clippy)


20. When you open your MySpace and this is what you see…

20 (MySpace)